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gismu rafsi: kax x1 is a conjunction, stating that x2 (du'u) and x3 (du'u) are both true. See also vlina.
lujvo both statements x1 (du'u) and x2 (du'u) are true (logical conjunction) See also vlinyje'u, kanxe, jetydu'i, jetfrica.
lujvo v1 is an OR gate with input [pins] v2 and output [pins] v3 in circuit/system v4. Cf. kanxe, lojvro.
gismu x1 is a logical alternation/disjunction, stating that x2 (du'u) and/or x3 (du'u) is/are true. See also kanxe, cmavo list a, ja, gi'a, gu'a.