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experimental cmavo non-logical connective/mekso operator - variable arity: X1 \ X2 Ordered: 'x1 kei'i x2' is not generally the same as/equivalent to 'x2 kei'i x1'. If X1 is not explicitly specified, it is taken to be some universal set in the discourse (of which all other mentioned sets are subsets, at the least); in this case, the word operates more as the set (absolute) complement. When X1 is specified, it represents the set relative complement. Somewhat analogous to logical NOT (just as intersection is analogous to logical AND, union is analogous to logical AND-OR). The preferred description/name in English is "set (theoretic) exclusion".
experimental cmavo nonlogical connective (and mekso operator) - symmetric difference of sets 'X1 jo'ei'i X2' is equivalent to 'X1 kei'i X2 jo'ei X2 kei'ibo X1'. Analogous to .onai (logical XOR).
experimental cmavo mekso: conversion of operator/function to operand Must be followed by a function (meaning "f", not "f(x)" (which is a number)) or operator (such as "+"). Treats it formally and syntactically as a number so that it can be operated upon, such as by se'au or by a functional/operator (technical sense). Terminated by zai'ai; the pair essentially act as mathematical quotation marks. Also works on connectives and kei'i. Expressions may be complicated (such as with SE, NA, NAI, etc. modifying the string); perhaps one may even find a use for quoting relations (such as equality or element-hood) and/or some brivla or other cmavo. See also: kei'au.