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mi denpa lo nu lo patfu cu volta vau lo ka kelci vau lo ka cliva
I am waiting for my father to arrive playing before leaving.
lei rirni pu kusru mi lo ka na permite mi lo ka kelci bu'u lo bartu
The parents were cruel to me in not allowing playing outside.
le rirni pu permite le verba lo ka kelci bu'u le panka
The parent let the child play in the park.
.ijebo ty. co'a sipna di'o le loldi ca'o le nu my. klama le bartu mu'i le nu kelci
and Terry went to sleep on the floor, while Mooli went oustide to play.
lujvo f1 is shuffled/randomly distributed/cut among f2 with shares/portions f3. Cf. cunfaigau, karda, kelci.
lujvo g1 shuffles/randomly distributes/cuts x2=f1 among x3=f2 with shares/portions x4=f3. Cf. cunfai, karda, kelci.
lujvo k1=j1 plays competively against opponent j2 in game k2=j3 (event) for gain j4. Cf. jivna, kelci
lujvo k1=g1 is a team / play group together playing / playing with plaything / toy / game k2=g2; members are from set g3 linked by relations g4. Made from kelci + girzu.
lujvo x1 is a game played by x2 governed by rules x3 interrelating game parts (physical or conceptual) x4. Cf. ci'erkei, ciste, kelci, nunkei, terjvi.
lujvo x1=ku1=ke1 bullies x2=ku2=ke2 See also: kusru, kelci
lujvo n1 is a game played by k1 playing with plaything/toy k2 Cf. nu, kelci, terjvi, ci'erkei.
lujvo x1 is a video game / computer game. Neither the player, nor the computer, nor the purpose thereof are intrinsic to the concept of the video game. Refers any game that is played on an electronic device. See also skami, kelci.
lujvo x1 is a swing (hanging seat). Cf. zdile, kelci, zdipincarcukla, zdirajycarcukla,zdima'ateryre'e
lujvo x1 is a roller coaster. Cf. zdile, kelci, zdipincarcukla, zdirajycarcukla, zdidadysli.
lujvo x1 is a merry-go-round. Cf. zdile, kelci, zdirajycarcukla, zdidadysli, zdima'ateryre'e.
lujvo x1 is a Ferris wheel. Cf. zdile, kelci, zdipincarcukla, zdirajycarcukla, zdidadysli, zdima'ateryre'e.