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gismu rafsi: ken x1 is a cancer [malignant disease] in x2. See also bilma, mikce, spita.
ra pu mrobi'o lo djaruntyrango kenra
She died of stomach cancer.
lo patfu be ko'a pu se kenra binxo
His father became ill with cancer.
lo kenra be lo tatru ka'e te mikce
Breast cancer can be cured.
lujvo x1=k1 is a lung cancer [malignant disease] in x2=k2=f2 Cf. kensle, kenri'a, kenra, fepri
lujvo r1 (event/substance) effects/physically causes cancer (of type) r2=k1 under conditions r3. See also kenra, rinka.
lujvo x1=s1 is a cancer cell of/causing cancer [malignant disease] x2=s2 Cf. kenri'a, kenra, feprykenra
lujvo x1=s1 (mass of facts) is oncology of focus x2=s2 based on methodology x3=s3 Cf. kensle, kenri'a, feprykenra, micyske, selkenra, kenra, saske.