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gismu rafsi: kes x1 is outer space near/associated with celestial body/region x2. See also canlu, munje, terdi, tsani.
ti'e lo bangu cu kensa vidru
They say that language is a virus from outer space.
bu'u lo kensa no da ka'e tirna lo nu krixa
In space, no one can hear you scream.
so'i mluni cu vofli bu'u lo kensa be le terdi
There are many satellites flying in outer space near the Earth.
lujvo x1 is an astronaut/cosmonaut/taikonaut See kensa litru, kensa gunka
lo zvati be lo kensa la terdi cu terselmlu lo ka cmalu
Seen from space, Earth seems relatively small.
va'o lo kensa no da su'o mu'ei tirna lo nu krixa
In space, no one can hear you scream.
lo kensa gunka cu se junta lo ki'ogra be li pa no no lo terdi
The space worker weights 100 kilograms in the gravity of the Earth.
lujvo x1 is a space program See kensa, litru, ciste
lujvo p1 is a space suit of material p2. Cf. kensa, pastu.
lujvo x1 is cosmology (in astronomy) based on methodology x2 Cf. mu'eske, kesyske, kensa, munje, krasi, saske
gismu rafsi: tan x1 is an expanse of sky/the heavens at place x2; [celestial]. See also gapru, kensa, tarci, terdi.
gismu rafsi: cal ca'u x1 is space/volume/region/room [at-least-3-dimensional area] occupied by x2. Also occupy (= selca'u). See also kensa, bliku, kumfa, kevna, kunti, tubnu, dekpu.
lujvo x1=f1 is extraterrestrial/alien, from/associated with celestial body/region x2=k2 From kensa fange. kesfange dacti: extraterrestrial object, kesfange jmive: extraterrestial life, kesfange prenu: extraterrestial person/sapient being
fu'ivla x1 is a celestial body, heavenly body lo plini describes planets (lo planeta), dwarf planets (lo jdikyplini), asteroids (lo cmaplini). See also kensa, tarci, solri.
gismu rafsi: muj mu'e x1 is a universe/cosmos [complete and ordered entirety] of domain/sphere x2 defined by rules x3. Also world; a universe is a kind of system, one which comprehensively encompasses its domain; e.g. 'universe of discourse', or 'world of birds'; x3 are the rules/defining principles which distinguish the universe from other universes, or from non-universe. See also ciste, plini, kensa, mulno.