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lo djacu cu rinci lo tubnu lo za'u kevna lo danre
Water drains from a tube through holes being under pressure.
lujvo k2 is hollow with hole/cavity k1; k2 is hollow at locus k1. Cf. kevna.
lujvo k1 is a dropstone/stalagmite/stalactite/icicle/rusticle of material k2=s2=d2. Cf. bakri, kevna, bogjinme.
gismu rafsi: fer fe'a x1 is a crack/fissure/pass/cleft/ravine/chasm/[defect/flaw] [shape/form] in x2. See also kevna, cfila, jinto.
gismu x1 is a/the throat/gullet [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: narrow(ing) opening of a deep hole]. See also cnebo, kevna, tunlo.
lujvo k1=j1 is a well in k2 containing fluid j2 at location j3. C.f. jinto, kevna.
lujvo k1=xe1=j1 is a cleft/dimple chin of xe2. Cf. flira, kevna, xedja, xejyji'o.
lujvo j1 is a valley between mountains/hills c1=j2 in terrain c2. Cf. ma'arfe'a, cmana, punli, kevna
lujvo f1 is a canyon/ravine/chasm in mountain f2=c1 in terrain c2. Cf. ma'arbi'i, cmana, fenra, kevna
lujvo n3 is a nostril of n2 (main body) in nose n1. Cf. nazbi, kevna, pluta, vasxu.
gismu rafsi: tu'u x1 is a length of tubing/pipe/hollow cylinder [shape/form] of material x2, hollow of material x3. Also tube, sleeve, leg, hose, (adjective:) tubular. See also kevna, canlu.
la .pinbol. cu ci'erselkei sei lo ka muvgau lo cmalu gatyboi lo salpo je lo kevna vau sei re nalci cu tutci cu terzu'e
The game of pinball involves directing a little steel ball onto ramps and into holes with a pair of flippers.
gismu rafsi: ca'o x1 is a window/portal/opening [portal] in wall/building/structure x2. See also vorme, bitmu, ganlo, murta, pagre, kevna, jvinu, kalri, kuspe.
gismu rafsi: cal ca'u x1 is space/volume/region/room [at-least-3-dimensional area] occupied by x2. Also occupy (= selca'u). See also kensa, bliku, kumfa, kevna, kunti, tubnu, dekpu.
lujvo p1=k1 is a tunnel through obstacle k2, that stretches from p2 to p3 and goes through points p4 (set) kevna pluta -- Discussed on the IRC on March 31st, 2014, around 21:00 GMT
gismu rafsi: kut x1 [container] is empty/vacant of x2 [material]; x1 is hollow. Also vacuum (= kunti be roda/so'ada). See also culno, tisna, claxu, canlu, kevna, setca.