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mi pu klama vi'a le tcadu
I moved around the city.
mi klama lo jbogu'e fo lo karce
I go to Lojibanistan by car.
mi'a pu na djica lo nu klama .i ku'i mi'a pu bilga lo nu klama
We didn't want to go, but we had to.
xu ra ba klama i mi na jinvi lo nu ra klama
Will he come? I don't think he will come.
.i le karce cu xe klama teri'a loza'i mi bilga lonu klama le zarci
When I have to go to the store, the car is a vehicle.
doi la alis ko klama ti sa doi la kevin ko klama ti
Alice, come here! No, ... Kevin, come here!
experimental cmavo afterthought abstraction wrapper Accepts 'gi'ei LE NU', 'gi'ei NU' (elided LE defaults to lo), or 'gi'ei LOhOI'. Wraps the bridi before it within an abstraction. e.g. 'mi klama le zarci gi'ei-le-nu cabna lo nu do klama' = 'le nu mi klama le zarci cu cabna lo nu do klama'. Also see xoi, jai'i. Grammar note: The gi'ei-group acts like a specialized vau, grabbing a single bridi. If you are in a sub-bridi of the bridi you wish to convert, you need to close the sub-bridi with vau, or use i'au to return to the top bridi of the sentence.
gismu rafsi: lut lu'a x1 is a route/path/way/course/track to x2 from x3 via/defined by points including x4 (set). A route merely connects origin/destination, but need not be improved in any way; (x4 is a set of points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly). (cf. litru, naxle, tcana, dargu, klaji, ve klama; tadji, zukte for means to a goal, klama, pagre)
gismu rafsi: baj x1 runs on surface x2 using limbs x3 with gait x4. See also cadzu, klama, litru, stapa, plipe, cpare.
lujvo x1=k1 exits/goes out/outside from x2=k2=b1 with route x3=k3 with transportation method x4. Omitted: x5 = klama2 (destination) = bartu1 (something external). Cf. bartu, klama, zevykla.
gismu rafsi: bev bei x1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo x2 to x3 from x4 over path x5; x1 is a carrier/[porter]. Alienation from x2 to x3 is implied. See also marce, muvdu, benji, klama.
lujvo m1 rises to m2=g1 from origin m3=g3 via path m4. Cf. muvdu, galtu, klama, gapru, sa'irbi'o, tolfa'u.
lujvo x1=k1=m1 arrives at x2=k2 from x3=k3 by route x4=k4 with transportation means x5=k5 by completion standard x6=m3 cf. klama, mulno.
lujvo x1=l1=m1 is an elevator/lift. Derived from lafti minji. Extra places dropped since an empty and/or stationary elevator is still an elevator. To operate an elevator, see pilno, gasnu, or klama.
gismu rafsi: vi'e x1 is a guest/visitor of x2 at place/event x3; x1 visits x2/x3. See also friti, klama, zasni, xabju, zvati.
lo nu klama lo zunle gi'e ba bo ze'a klama lo crane gi'e ba bo klama lo pritu cu pluta lo aftobuso tcana ti
The route to the bus station is the following: you turn left, then go straight for a while, and then turn right.