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ko'a palci ca lo nu ko'a genai jbena gi cilre lo ka palci
You're not born evil; you learn how to be evil.
ro ko'a pu co'a gasnu co slilu fa lo me ko'a lanci
Everybody started waving his flag.
ko'a zbasu lo javni be lo nu ko'a cikybi'o ti'u li xa ca ro cerni
He makes it a rule to get up at six every morning.
pe'u do ko ciska le cmene be ko'a ro se lebna be ko'a
Please put their name on everything they take with them.
ganai lo nu ko'a klama cu lerci gi ko dunda le vi notci ko'a
If she should come late, give her this message.
la tom. goi ko'a pu ganse lo ka pecybi'o le ko'a birka
Tom felt someone touch his arm.
mi mrilu lo se dunda ko'a ki'u lo zi jbesla be ko'a
I sent her birthday present bу post.
ko'a xabju lo nurma .isemu'ibo ko'a so'uroi klama le va tcadu
Living as he did in remote countryside, he seldom came up to town.
ko'a na kakne lo nu xruti lo ko'a zdani be vi la .nu,iork.
He could not return to his home in the New York area.
mu'i lo za'i lo ko'a selspe cu darno kei ko'a selfu be ri jukpa lo vacysai
His wife being out, he cooked dinner for himself.
ko'a clira cliva .i no mu'ei lo natfe ko'a se marce lo trene
He left early; otherwise he could not have caught the train.
ko'a pu punji lo xance be ko'a lo birjanco be ko'e
She put her hands on his shoulders.
la'e di'u rinka lo nu ko'a cikna za'o lo nu ko'a na'o sipna binxo
This kept her awake beyond the point where she really normally would have fallen asleep.
experimental cmavo lambda variable prenex; marks the end of introduction of lambda-scope variables. Cf. zo'u. In effect this word is used as a shortcut around verbose repeated assignment in a ka prenex: lo ka ce'u goi ko'a ce'u goi ko'e ... zo'u ... is the same as lo ka ko'a ko'e ... ce'ai ... In either form this style can be used to avoid subscripting and to disambiguate nested ka, ni, etc.
experimental cmavo metasyntactic variable prenex Explicitly marks variables, e.g. ko'a ko'e, lerfu-strings, and/or brodV (must be converted into sumti using me'ei) as being metasyntactic: i.e. having no specific meaning or referent and merely used to demonstrate syntax or hypothetical scenarios. Automatically unassigns these variables from any previous assignment. e.g. (me'ei broda me'ei brode ko'a ko'e fo'a fo'e ge'ai). See ge'ei, ce'ai, ke'au, zo'u, da'o
gismu rafsi: xla x1 is bad for x2 by standard x3; x1 is poor/unacceptable to x2. Be careful to distinguish between a bad/unacceptable event, and a bad/unacceptable agent: x1 does poorly (= lenu ko'a gasnu cu xlali and not normally ko'a xlali). See also palci, mabla, xamgu, betri.