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gismu rafsi: kro (adjective:) x1 is bent/crooked/not straight or direct/[twisted]/folded. See also cinje, klupe, kruvi, polje, sarlu, sirji, bargu, genxu.
.i'e nai lo pixra ku korcu dandu
Hm, the picture is hanging crooked.
loi cidni be la tom mo'u korcu
Tom's knees buckled.
loi cidni be la alis mo'u korcu
Alice's knees buckled.
lo jukpa pu korcu ga'u lo fagri
The cook leaned over the fire.
lo se pirlarfi'i cu se zgana banli gi'e ku'i korcu milxe se dadgau do
The painting looks great, but you hung it a little crooked.
gismu rafsi: gex x1 is a hook/crook [shape/form] of material x2. See also kruvi, korcu.
lujvo r1 (event/state) bends/flexes k1 under conditions r3. Cf. korcu, rinka, krobi'o.
lujvo r1=k1 curtseys in front of r2. Cf. korcu, rinsa, krosa'i.
gismu rafsi: cid x1 is a/the knee/elbow/knuckle [hinged joint, body-part] of limb x2 of body x3. Metaphor: a sharp bend/curve. See also korcu, jarco, jganu.
gismu rafsi: cij x1 is a wrinkle/crease/fold [shape/form] in x2. See also korcu, polje, boxfo, boxna.
gismu rafsi: lup lu'e x1 is a screw [fastener] for purpose x2, threads [pitch, material] x3, frame [size, material] x4. Also bolt. See also korcu, sarlu, tutci.
lujvo b1=k1 bends under conditions b3. Cf. korcu, binxo, krosa'i, bolbi'o, krori'a.
gismu x1 is a spiral/helix/whorl/[vortex] [shape/form] with limits x2, of dimensionality x3. See also klupe, korcu, tarmi.
gismu rafsi: sir x1 is straight/direct/line segment/interval between x2 and x3; (adjective:) x1 is linear. See also korcu, linji, kruvi, kuspe.
lujvo s1=k1 bows/takes a bow on surface s2 supported by limbs/supports s3. Cf. korcu, sanli, krorinsa, sa'orgau, dzibi'o, demtse.