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experimental gismu x1 (abstraction) is a purpose/use of x2 (object or event), attributed by x3 Place structure has been inverted from the original version to match krinu. Syn. erpi. See ko'au, terpli, terzu'e, terfi'i
ma kosmu ti
What's this used for?
do se kosmu no da
You're useless.
ro da se kosmu de
Everything has a purpose.
do se finti la cevni lo kosmu
You were made by God for a purpose.
lo tcigaso cu se kosmu lo ka livla
Gasoline is used for fuel.
cmavo-compound kosmu modal, 2nd place: "which is the purpose of..." See ko'au, kosmu
lujvo x1 has many/diverse purposes, including purpose x2 (abstraction) kosmu, vrici
lujvo x1 is pointless / futile / useless according to x2 See narplixau, kosmu, nonselsmu
experimental cmavo kosmu modal, 1st place with purpose... See seko'au, kosmu, tezu'e, tepi'o, tefi'e, ki'u
fu'ivla x1 (abstraction) is the purpose of x2 (object or event) See terpli, terzu'e, terfi'i. Syn. kosmu. Note that this is not a mere short-form; this word is agent-less. (≈ te pilno be fi zi'o)
lujvo x1 (abstraction) is a use-case / expected usage scenario of x2 (object/event) From kosmu + kantu. See also pilno, vanbi
lujvo x1 (activity/event) is profitless / unprofitable to x2 See prali, claxu, xamgu, xlali, plixau, sidju, kosmu
lujvo x1 exists for / has purpose / is supposed for use x2 (property of x1) Synonymous with kosmu. See also finti.
fu'ivla x1 is virtually / practically / essentially x2 (ka) for purpose x3 (nu/zu'o); for the purpose of x3, x1 might as well be x2 See virtu'ale, ckaji, kosmu, simlu, markai
experimental gismu x1 is the "beneficiary"/intended-recipient of x2 (event/action), as intended by x3 // x2 is done for x1 A "beneficiary" here is someone or something for which something is done, and this relation may be either beneficial or disadvantageous. Consider "I poisoned the cake for him" vs "I baked a cake for him" ("for him to eat" would be a purpose/goal). See also be'ei, kosmu, terzu'e, selxau