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gismu rafsi: klu x1 [mass of ideas, customs, skills, arts] is culture of nation/ethos x2 (mass); x1 is ethnic. (note that x2 is NOT individual; culture is what is shared among people and is not an individual trait). See also cmavo list ka'u, cmavo list ku'u, natmi, cecmu.
lo ka citka lo insekto cu kulnu so'e lo remna
Eating insects is the culture of most of humans.
ti cukta lo prosa be lo za'u kulnu
This book contains prose about cultures.
cmavo kulnu modal, 1st place in culture ...
le kulnu be lo pruxa'u natmi cu ze'u pu'o daspo canci
The culture of the indigenous peoples was for a long time on the verge of being eradicated.
la lojban cu nutli lo ka ma kau mapti ce'u lo ka traji fi ro kulnu
Lojban is neutral in what culture out of all matches it best.
lujvo k1 is classical. Cf. dzena, kulnu, nolzgi.
lujvo c1 is a society of c2=k2 with cultural aspects k1. Cf. cecmu, kulnu, jikca, kulnu.
cmavo-compound kulnu modal, 2nd place (people) in culture of ...
lujvo x1 is a meme of culture x2 See kulnu pagbu
lujvo s1 pertains to culture of s2=k2 Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for cultures: From gismu kulnu and srana
lujvo s1 is social anthropology. Cf. kulnu, saske, jikske
lujvo k1=m1 is US culture. Cf. merko, kulnu, bemro, steito
experimental gismu x1 reflects Romani/Romany/gypsy culture/nationality/language in aspect x2 See also kulnu, xindo
fau lo nu la lojban farvi kei zo'e pu ru'i tolsurla lo nu stogau la lojban lo ka kulnu nutli kei ba'o le pamoi te farvi
In the development of Lojban, efforts were consistently made since the initial phase to keep the language culturally neutral.