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gismu rafsi: cem ce'u x1 is a community/colony of organisms x2. See also bende, kulnu, natmi, tcadu, jecta, girzu.
lujvo x1=ku1=kl1 is a cultural subset within a larger culture x2=kl2 with defining property x3=ku2=kl3. See also: klesi, kulnu
gismu rafsi: nat nai x1 is a nation/ethnic group of peoples x2; [people sharing a history/culture]. See also jecta, kulnu, lanzu, gugde, bangu, cecmu.
fu'ivla x1 reflects/pertains to Gangnam Style music/choreography/phenomenon in aspect x2. Refers to the hit K-Pop song which topped the charts on YouTube. See also zgike, kulnu, gugdrxanguke.
lujvo x1=c1 is a test/shibboleth for determining x2=k2=c3's membership/belonging to culture x3=k1=c2. cf. kulnu, cipra. Made by motivation of la bandu.
fu'ivla For every x in x1, there exists a y in x2 such that x me'au x3 y; For every y in x2 there exists an x in x1 such that x me'au x3 y. Cf. me'au. The lojban definition is highly preferred. For example, "lo so'imei poi loi so'i kulnu cu rolsixu ke'a lo ka kulnu" translates to "many people of many nations" in a precise sense.
gismu rafsi: run x1 is an artifact; x1 is artificial; x1 is made/caused by people/se kulnu x2; x1 is man-made. See also rarna, se zbasu, gundi, slasi.