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lujvo x1 is the empty set See kunti, setmima, selcmi, kutpoi, kutlerpoi, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o
lujvo x1 is the empty array/sequence See kunti, porsi, kutysetmima, kutlerpoi, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o
lujvo x1 is the null value/argument See kunti, goilka'i, narju'odza, kutpoi, kutysetmima, kutlerpoi, kutyuenzi, zai'o
lujvo x1 is the empty mass/aggregate See gunma, kutysetmima, kutpoi, kutlerpoi, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o, tu'oi
lujvo x1 is the empty character string May be understood as 'me'o lo'o'. See also kunti, lerpoi, kutpoi, kutysetmima, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o.
lujvo x1 is the empty utterance/text lo kutyuenzi = {lu li'u}. See also kunti, uenzi, kutpoi, kutysetmima, kutlerpoi, kutydza, zai'o
experimental cmavo null connective operand; used to fill empty places in JOI Used with JOI to create sets/masses/sequences containing zero or one members. "tu'oi ce tu'oi" = the empty set (lo kutysetmima), "la .djon. joi tu'oi" = the mass consisting of only John. See tu'o, zi'o, zai'o