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la bil xebni la djordj inaja la pat xebni la bil
Bill hates George only if Pat hates Bill.
la iodi'um cu kliru
Iodine is a halogen.
ti lanci la lojban
This is the flag of Lojban.
la lojban cu mo
What is Lojban?
la argon cu navni
Argon is an inert gas.
mi nelci la jasmin
I like Jasmine.
la natri'um cu sodna
Sodium (Na) is an alkali metal.
lujvo x1 (number) is the number of hours (pi'e for minutes) that the timezone of location x2 is ahead (before, if x1 is negative) of location/standard x3 See detri, tcika, cacra, vujnu. x3 may be la .utc. to indicate difference from UTC time.
experimental cmavo start grammatical name quotation; the quoted text is an identifier and must be grammatical on its own. Used to make more complex names where simple la doesn't apply, e.g. some book/song titles. Artibrary non-lojban text can be quoted with la'o. See also lai'e of LAhE, la'ai of LOhU and la'o of ZOI for naming cmavo.
la .keit. joi la .braiyn. cu casnu le larxra
Kate and Brian discuss the picture.
la maik cu pendo la ken soi vo'a
Mike and Ken are friends.
la .filip. la .tam. cu ckini soi vo'a
Philip and Tom are related to each other.
la .an,iis. joi la .asun. cu bruna remei
Anyi and Asun are two brothers.
la vudus poi lijda cu me la xaitis
The Voodoo religion is associated with Haiti.
la .tam. cu birti lo du'u la .meiris. jifxu'a
Tom is convinced that Mary is wrong.
la .djan. joi la .an. cu simxu nelci
John and Ann like each other.