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la amerik cu stici la afrik ti
America is to the west of Africa when viewed from here.
mi volta la kaliforni'as la nipon
I returned to California from Japan.
experimental cmavo forethought emphasis indicator; indicates next WORD only, even if that word is a construct-indicating cmavo According to CLL 19.11, regular ba'e doesnt always emphasize just one word. If it is placed in front of a construct (e.g. la), it emphasizes the entire construct. ba'ei was designed especially for these cases.
experimental cmavo single Lojban-word name quote, turns to selbri-unit: "x1 is that which has this name" Similar to ze'oi, but specifically used for names. Convenient for tanru with brivycme and grammars with brivla-cmevla merge, to avoid having to wrap a single word up in "me la ... ku".
experimental cmavo Named reference. It converts a sumti into another sumti. The converted sumti points to the referent the name of which is the referent of the unconverted sumti. ``lai'e ko'a''=``zo'e noi se cmene ko'a''. lai'e is a cmavo of LAhE, and followed by any sumti including ``lo se du'u BRIDI'', ``zo...'', ``lu...li'u'', ``lo'u...le'u'' or ``zoi...'', used with an elidable terminater lu'u. For example, ``lai'e lo se du'u ti brife doi la betis'' refers to something the name of which is a text in a language that means ``ti brife doi la betis'', while ``la'e lo se du'u ti brife doi la betis'' refers to the same as ``lo du'u ti brife doi la betis''. The syntax of sumti following lai'e is analysed by the parser, while the syntax of strings following la'ai or la'o is ignored. In the cases that lai'e is followed by lu, lo'u or zoi, the referent is the same as that of sumti formed by la'au, la'ai or la'o respectively: ``lai'e lu ti brife doi la betis li'u (lu'u)''=``la'au ti brife doi la betis li'u''; ``lai'e lo'u se ly van beti le'u (lu'u)''=``la'ai se ly van beti le'u''; ``lai'e zoi zoi C'est le vent, Betty zoi (lu'u)''=``la'o zoi C'est le vent, Betty zoi''. See also la'e, la, la'o, la'ai, la'au; lu'u; cmene.
experimental cmavo titular relative clause: gives a title/name in the form of a relative clause, e.g. "Alexander the Great" or "Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds" See comments for dialectal/proposal-related notes. For a bare title without a name or a descriptor, use la poi'i. Also see voi'e
mi'e la .farcad.
My name is Farshad.
la .an. cmalu nixli
Ann is a little girl.
noda la .an. mensi
Ann has no sister.
la tuks. dzipo cipni
Tux is an Antarctic bird.
la meg. dukse tavla
Meg talks too much.
la .djan. barda nanla
John is a big boy.
do du la .djan.
You are John.
la .tcyn. na merko
Chen is not American.
la .tcyn. na cu'upre
Chen is not a businessperson.
la .tcyn. na natmrxanguke
Chen is not Korean.