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la aristoteles jo'u la dekart cu se steci lo ka ke'a mencremau ro se ctuca be ke'a
Aristotle and Descartes are the only philosophers who are smarter than all of their disciples.
lo betka zei genja pu se friti fi la apolon bu'u lo malsi be ri bei la delfis
Beetroot was offered to Apollo in his temple at Delphi.
lo su'u la pongu'e cu toljgi kei noi jalge tu'a la .pasifik. zei nunjamna na mo'u canci
Japan's shame, the result of the Pacific War, has not yet faded.
la saras cu sanga lo se gleki ije fe lo se gleki fa la saras cu sanga
Sarah sings a happy song, a happy song Sarah sings.
mi vedli na je morji lo nu la lenin pu pilno la termenvoks ca lo nanca be li 1920
I remember that Lenin listened to theremin in 1920 (but of course I wasn't there in person at that time).
lo se nanca be la .meris. cu du li mo'e lo se nanca be la .tom. pi'i ji'i re
Tom is about half Mary's age.
lo se nanca be la .meris. cu du lo me la .tom. moi pi'i li ji'i re
Tom is about half Mary's age.
bu'u lo be vo'a zdani be bu'u la rliex la ktulxus noi morsi ca ca'o denpa fau lo ka senva
In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.
la tom gletu la meris ca lo nu fanva dei sepi'o lo me la'o gy.Android.gy. me'u cabra
Tom was fucking Mary while translating this sentence on his Android device.
la tom pu smusku fi mi fe lo nu ty djuno lo du'u la maris cu se zdani ma kau
Tom told me he knew where Mary lived.
le bitmu poi la xamtidamtis cu farlu fi ke'a cu na du la banli bitmu pe le jungo
The wall from which Humpty Dumpty fell is not the Great Wall of China.
la aristoteles jo'u la dekart cu se steci lo ka ke'a mencremau ro se ctuca be ke'a
Aristotle and Descartes are the only philosophers who are smarter than all of their disciples.
mi cmima lo bende be lo stati prenu bei la robin bei te fi'e lo ka tadni la lojban
I am a member of a team of smart people led by Robin and learning Lojban.
mi lojbo no drata be lo ka se cinri la lojban i je mi na tavla bau la lojban
I'm a Lojbanic person only in that I'm interested in Lojban; I don't speak it.
experimental cmavo non-mekso quote/name substitution for ordered collection of prescriptions, descriptions, definitions, etc. Delimited non-math/non-mekso quote (works like zoi in this respect). Treats the quote as a substitute for some formal collection of rules or mathematical description/definitions/notations; the exact meaning of the quote must be inferred as is the case with la or any quote; the quote is treated as a single block of text representative a single entity so described in only that case/context by the utterer; can be used to clarify the interpretation of text (convention specification; text need not be mathematical (in which case, it must be used in a meta-linguistic scope)) or as an operand of certain mathematical operators (or, more generally perhaps, bridi). Might be useful for quoting names as descriptors for arguments of operands. For example: orderings, metrics, bases, densities, analytic properties, conventions, etc. can all be more easily described by a moniker than by a formal mathematical description. See also: ju'au, se'au, mau'au.
gismu rafsi: gad x1 is an article/descriptor labelling description x2 (text) in language x3 with semantics x4. x2 is the noun phrase/sumti without the article/descriptor; description ((x1 with x2) = gadysu'i); note: 'determiner' has become the accepted general linguistics term, displacing 'article'; however, 'determiner' includes all words that can introduce a noun phrase/sumti, whether a description or not, such as pronoun possessives like lemi, quantifiers (especially in indefinites) like ci and su'o, and demonstratives like ti, ta, and tu; the term 'descriptor' in Lojban, is limited to words that introduce descriptions (excluding indefinites), such as those of selma'o LA and LE, their common compounds such as lemi, and possibly lenu. 'article' typically refers only to a single word; Lojban assumes the broader meaning] See also valsi, cmavo.