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ko catke la'e me'o so pa pa
Dial 911!
ko jorne la'e me'o so pa pa
Call 911!
la'e zo alis cu cinri cukta
"Alice" is an interesting book.
ko catke la'e me'o so pa pa
Dial 911!
lujvo x1=m1=g1=xl3 is an inappropriate anglicism made by x2=xl2, inappropriate according to x3=m3 Refers to any kind of inappropriate reliance upon English in a Lojban (or non-English language) expression, but is most common for calques. Is sometimes even extended to cover reliance upon cultural assumptions. This lujvo is made to have more-specific rafsi-connotations than the historical lujvo-term "malglico" (under malgli), and to avoid possible clashing with the common lujvo construction of "malbroda" meaning "d**ned broda / broda in a bad way". The xl2 place is also useful, allowing (mi se malglixlu) and (di'u malglixlu mi)
experimental cmavo unevaluated mekso as name. Where "la broda brode" is to "la'e lu broda brode" as "li'ai by cy" is to "la'e me'o by cy". See also li, me'o, la, la'e.
jaginai do jimpe la'e dei gi do gletu nitcu
If you can understand this sentence then you need to have sex with someone.
.i la'e dei traji lo ka na'e tugni fi ce'u
There is no more disagreeable thing than this.
do djuno lonu ba'e ma kau fuzme la'e de'u
You know "who" is responsible for that.
mi pilno la'e me'o vy bu vy bu vy bu
I use WWW.
le nixli cu sanga la'e lu mi prami do li'u
The girl is singing the song "I love you".
experimental cmavo pronoun: the referent of the following utterance Equivalent to la'e di'e, by analogy with lau'u
experimental cmavo the abstraction described by text; turns text sumti into abstraction sumti = tu'a la'e. See tu'ai, du'au
.e'u ko facki fi lo mitsmu jufra be bau sorbau ra'i la'e zoi kib tatoeba.org kib
Find multilingual sentence equivalents at Tatoeba.org.
la'e pe abufy.ibu lu le nanca li panono zo'u skina tersitna panonomei
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes
la'e lu la lunra cu kusru turni li'u cfika lo logji bangu
'The Moon is a harsh mistress' is a fiction about logical languages.