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gismu rafsi: lap cpu x1 pulls/tugs/draws/drags x2 by handle/at locus x3. Gravity (= ka maicpu, maircpukai). See also catke, sakci, cokcu.
mi pu viska lo xirma noi ke'a lacpu lo marce
I saw a horse pulling a cart.
la alis pu lacpu la kevin re'o lo kerfa
Alice dragged Kevin upstairs by the hair.
lo mikce pu lacpu lo papri to'o lo me ta daski
The doctor pulled the paper from his pocket.
la mortimer poi mikce pu lacpu ta to'o lo me vo'a cutne daski
Doctor Mortimer pulled it out of his breast-pocket.
gismu rafsi: cko x1 soaks up/absorbs/sucks up x2 from x3 into x4; x1 is an absorbant. See also panje, sakci, lacpu.
lujvo l1=j1 picks at l2=j2 with l3=j3. Cf. lacpu, jgari, vimcu.
lujvo l1 drags/hauls l2=m2 by handle/at locus l3 along surface m3. Cf. mosra, lacpu.
gismu rafsi: ca'e x1 [agent] shoves/pushes x2 at locus x3. Move by pushing/shoving (= ca'ermuvgau). (cf. danre for non-agentive force, lacpu)
gismu rafsi: sak x1 sucks/is suction/vacuum/relatively low pressure of fluid/gas x2 relative to high pressure x3. Also suck object/fluid (= sakcpu or sakmuvgau). See also cokcu, lacpu, flecu.
lujvo g1=l2=b3 is an oar made of g2 pulled by l2 in boat b1. Cf. bloti, lacpu, grana, bloca'ega'a, blofanga'a, blopinfanga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.