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fu'ivla x1 pertains to/reflects the culture/geography/society of the Roman province of Africa in aspect x2 See also: latmo, latmnroma, kartapuno
fu'ivla x1 reflects Punic/Carthaginian culture/language/society/nation/identity in aspect x2 See also: latmo, friko, latmrfriko, gomsi, banxupu'u
fu'ivla x1 reflects Western Roman culture/nation/geography/language/histoury in asect x2 See also: latmo, latmrbizanto, latmnroma, latmrfriko.
fu'ivla x1 reflects Roman culture/nation/geography/language/histoury in asect x2 prior to any divisions. x1 pertains to the Roman city/city-state/kingdom/Republic/Empire (prior to division). From a Roman citizen's point of view, emphasizes and centres on Rome (the city) itself - if applied to something outside of nearby Italy, such usage would always connote a directed relationship with Rome/Italy; modern usage is perhaps slightly freer. Culturally and in many ways socially, economically, etc., Eastern and Western Rome were quite intricately related and interconnected- and similar- at first; usage of this word within a context of the divisions would emphasize its umbrella/general scope (possibly for the sake of contrast as much as for displaying similarity or treating everyone with equal footing/care/at once). See also: latmo, latmrbizanto, latmrstici, latmrfriko, xelso, kartapuno