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le sutra cu tavla
The fast one is talking
le sutra se tavla
The fast listener.
le zarci ca akti
The shop is open.
le kabri cu blaci
The cup is made of glass.
le bombila cu spofu
The light bulb is broken.
le bratu pu vlile
The hailstorm was violent.
le finti cu brazo
The author is Brazilian.
ti briju le mikce
This is the doctor's office.
le verba ca'o citka
The child is eating.
le cmana cu clani
The mountain is high.
le plise co'a fusra
The apple has begun to decay.
coi le munje
Hello, world!
le sanso cu cpina
The sauce is hot.
le panci cu cpina
The smell is irritating.
le tcaci cu dadjo
The tradition is Taoist.
le mudri cu jelca
The wood is burning.