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no prenu pu nenri le runla'u
No one was in the swimming pool.
le pa vorme pu co'a kliki ganlo
The door clicked shut.
ue'ipei do pare'u stuvi'e le gugde'itu
Are you excited of being in Italy for the first time?
frica le pu se kanpe be mi
This is different from what I thought.
do tu'a ma djica le nu citka
What do you want to eat?
mi djica fi le nu pinxe
I want something to drink.
mi djica fi le nu citka
I want something to eat.
le karce na klama co sutra
The car doesn't run fast.
le purmo cu ka'e runta lo djacu
The powder is soluble in water.
ko cmibi'o le girzu pe mi'a
Join us.
la .tom. pu klama le zdane'i
Tom stepped inside.
la .tom. pu klama le nenri
Tom stepped inside.
mi mitre li xy. le ni clani
I am X meters tall.
mi ka'e se bangu le fasybau
I can speak French
ma cmene le patfu be do
What is your father's name?
do djica le ni mi mo
What do you want me to do?