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le xatra pu selxru
The letter returned.
vreji le se casnu
This conversation is being recorded.
le lanzu ca mo
How is the family doing?
le kumfa pu glare
The room was hot.
le ninmu cu melbi
The woman is beautiful.
le jalge no'e xamgu
The result won't really be good.
le tadji cu palci
The method is wicked.
ma smuni le valsi
What does this word mean?
le zarci cu barda
The market is big.
le nanmu cu ninmu
The man is a woman.
do cadzu le bisli
You walk on the ice.
mi nelci le jugygu'e
I like China.
xu nelci le jugygu'e
Does he like China?
mi'o zvati le ricfoi
We are in the forest.
ko klama le zarci
Go to the store!
ra jaurvasmro le rirxe
He drowned in the river.