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ta'i da do pu pu'i limna pa'o le rirxe
Somehow, you were able to swim across the river.
le mensi ca panpi lo bruna be vo'a
The sister is now at piece with her brother.
ko catlu lo vi papri be le cukta
Look at this page of the book.
mi pu pensi lo nu mi volta le zdani
I was thinking of returning back home.
mi pu vimcu lo pilka be le plise
I peeled the apple off.
le nakni cu pindi lo ka ponse no xirma
He is poor in that he doesn't own a horse.
le nanla cu plana lo ka se betfu
The boy is fat with his belly.
le te cange pu plixa lo dertu lo barda
The farmer ploughed the ground using a large plow.
le tcini cu pluja lo ka se ciksi
The situation is hard to explain.
le prenu cu ponse lo karce lo zekri
The person owns the car illegally (not under official law).
mi pu prije lo ka vecnu le karce
You were wise to sell the car.
le minji na te prina lo pelji lo papri
The machine isn't printing the document on the paper.
le prenu cu pulji lo nu lo klaji cu smaji
The person is a police officer enforcing silence in the street.
le skina pu punji mi lo ka gleki cinmo
The movie put me in a happy mood.
mi pu ganse lo pluka panci pe ra'i le purdi
I felt a pleasant smell from the garden.
lo gusni be fi le bombila cu ranji lo nicte
The light bulb continued burning through the night.