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lo verba pu pencu lo romge be le karce se pi'o lo degji
A child touched the reflecting surface of the car with his finger.
le jisra cu te runta lo sakta ce lo jbari lo djacu
The juice is made of sugar and berries dissolved in water.
le prenu pu sakci lo danmo pe ra'i lo fagri lo fepni
He inhaled some smoke from the fire into his lungs.
le tigni cu seksi lo ka dasni lo tordu skaci vau lo ka ninmu
The actor shows her female sexuality by wearing a short skirt.
mi si'a pu vitke le tcadu i sa'u go'i ca lo drata nanca
I also visited the city (just in another year).
le verba ca kakne lo ka cadzu vau si'u lo rirni
The child is able to walk now with the help of parents.
lo skapi be le ninmu pu simsa lo snime lo ka blabi
Her skin was white as snow.
lo se stidi be le prenu pu du lo nu daspo lo dinju
Her proposal was to destroy the building.
lo bangu be lo cecmu cu ro roi vajni tcila le cecmu
The language in a society is always its important detail.
le za'u mei ba'o pilno lo minji pe te fi'e lo nu cpacu lo ctile
They no longer use machines created to get oil.
le za'u mei cu tigni lo ka sutra dansu vau lo tadni
They are performing a fast dance before students.
le prenu cu sanli va lo mitre be li re ki mi
The man is standing two meters away from me.
ca lo vacmurse be lo prulamdei le festi pu tsuku lo mi dinju
Yesterday at twilight, she arrived at my house.
lo tapla poi farlu fi le drudi cu porpi lo ve'i spisa
The tiles that fell from the roof broke into small pieces.
le prenu cu sanli vi lo mitre be li re ki mi
The man is standing near, only two meters away from me.
ie vu'e sarcu fa lo nu le tcadu cu se daspo
It's my virtue, I agree that the city should be destroyed.