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cmavo rafsi: lem non-veridical descriptor: the stereotype of those described as ...
le'e merko ku pendo tarti
Americans are very friendly people.
ta karni fo le'e verntineidja
That magazine is aimed at teenagers.
le'e cmima be la tatoebas cu xendo
The users of Tatoeba are kind.
le'e xelso merko cu gusta ponse
Lots of Greek-Americans own restaurants.
mu'i ma le'e prenu cu catra vo'a
Why do people kill themselves?
le'e verntineidja cu nelci lo nu samyzilkeikei
Teenagers love playing video games.
le'e verntineidja nanla cu nelci lo nu samyzilkeikei
Teenage boys love playing video games.
cmavo-compound evidential: avoiding stereotypes... See sei'i, lemkai, kesri, le'e
lo'e cipni cu kakne lo ka vofli i mi tadni le'e cipni
Typical birds can fly. And I study such birds.
experimental cmavo evidential: stereotypically... See sei'inai, lemkai, kesri, ka'u, su'a, le'e
experimental gismu x1 (property of x2) is a stereotype of x2 (object/set), held by x3 Does not necessarily carry a negative connotation. Stereotypes are, basically, the characteristics that come to one's mind when they imagine a particular object, regardless of actual commonality. e.g. Many people stereotypically think of roses as red, even though there are plenty of roses that aren't red. See sei'i, lemkai, le'e
fu'ivla p1 (agent) drinks/imbibes latte refreshment p2 [caffelatte/(masala) chai latte/mate latte/matcha latte] from/out-of container/source p3. x2 could be any hot beverage with milk. Specifically calling people "latte drinkers" (=le'e pixrlate; stereotypical) has become a common political attack in Western cultures. For non-cultural specific usage: coffee with hot milk (=glaladyckafi). See also: kaffelatte (=kafrlate), chai latte (=tcatrmasala be lo ladru; pixrlate be lo tcatrmasala).