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lujvo pi1=pl1 employs pi2=pl3 for a payment/compensation/salary/wage/reward of pl2 for the provision of goods/services pi3=pl4. From: pleji, pilno. Cf. seljibri.
da na le'ipli mi
I'm unemployed.
pare'u lo nu mi le'ipli lo jukpa cu cabna
This is the first time I've ever recruited a cook.
le kagni pe mi'a ca le nu ri cfari pu le'ipli xa po'o lo seljibri
When we started out, we only had six employees.
lujvo j2 is employed for job/employment/vocation (a type of work regularly done for pay) j1. From: jibri. Cf. le'ipli.
gismu rafsi: pli x1 uses/employs x2 [tool, apparatus, machine, agent, acting entity, material] for purpose x3. Also utilize; x2 is useful/used productively by x1 to do x3 (= selpli for reordered places); hire/employ (= le'ipli, lejyplicu'a). (cf. tutci, cabra, minji, gasnu, zukte for x2, cmavo list pi'o, sazri, jibri)