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lujvo t1 is a monocle/pair of (eye)glasses/spectacles for observational activity t2. Cf. lenjo, tutci, barkalyle'o, vistci.
lujvo t1 is a telescope for examining c2=d1 which is far from d2. Cf. darvistci, cmactatci, le'otci.
lujvo t1 is an optical tool used by v1 to see v2. Cf. viska, tutci, le'otci, barkalyle'o, darvistci. Includes but is not limited to glass-based spectacles.
lujvo l1=b1 is a monocle/pair of (eye)glasses/spectacles allowing the clear sight of l2 (light) by k2 (wearer). Cf. lenjo, kanla, bartu, le'otci, vistci.
lujvo t1 is a telescope for seeing v2=d1 which is far from d2. Cf. darno, viska, vistci, darctatci, cmactatci, le'otci, barkalyle'o.
lujvo t1 is a microscope used by t2=ca1 for looking at small things t2=ca2=cm1 which are small in property/dimension(s) cm2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm cm3. Cf. cmalu, catlu, tutci, le'otci, darvistci.
experimental gismu x1 is an eyewear used/worn by x2 serving purpose x3. It is a frame worn in front of the eyes and bears or does not bear transparent/semi-transparent/non-transparent shields for visual correction, eye protection, fashion, or entertainment. The shields are not necessarily lenses. Cf. le'otci or le'orlacni for a corrective type, which may include tidlacni for reading glasses and xrelacni for bifocal and trifocal glasses; badlacni for a protective type, which may include srulacni for goggles and solylacni for sunglasses; jadlacni for fashion glasses, which may include rekmeclacni for rimless glasses and solylacni; mincimdylacni for 3D glasses.