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gismu rafsi: len le'o x1 is a lens/glass [focussing shape/form] focussing x2 to focus/foci x3 by means/material x4. (adjective:) x1 is optical; focussing may be optical or otherwise, hence x2 which may be light, sound, X-ray, etc., default is light/optical lens; ka is refraction. See also kacma, minra.
mi dasni loi lenjo
I wear glasses.
ko lebna loi mi lenjo
Take my glasses.
ma pu finti loi lenjo
Who invented glasses?
e'apei mi te vecnu loi lenjo po'o
Can I buy only the lenses?
la tom ca'a dasni loi rotsu lenjo
Tom is wearing thick glasses.
le nakni pu dasni loi lenjo
He wore glasses.
le fetsi pu dasni loi lenjo
She wore glasses.
le nakni ca nitcu loi lenjo
He needs glasses.
le nakni ca dasni loi lenjo
He wears glasses.
la tom cu dasni loi lenjo
Tom wears glasses.
la tom pu dasni loi lenjo
Tom wore glasses.
la tom cu nitcu loi lenjo
Tom needs glasses.
le nakni ca'o dasni loi lenjo
He is wearing glasses.
le nakni cu dasni loi rotsu lenjo
He wears thick glasses.
ti lenjo lo gusni lo darno
This lens focusing light has a long focal length.