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gismu rafsi: lec x1 (event) is late by standard x2. See also clira.
It's late.
dukse lerci
It is too late.
ko na jai lerci
Don't be late.
mi na lerci djica
I don't want to be late.
mi milxe lerci
I'm a bit late.
mi pu dukse lerci
I was too late.
ra jai lerci
She is late.
.u'u mi lerci tolyli'a
I apologise for arriving late.
e'o zanru lo nu lerci
Please excuse my being late.
si'au lo vacysai ba lerci
It seems that supper will be late.
gau do mi jai lerci
You made me late.
i'e nai do jai lerci
Oy, you are late.
gismu rafsi: lir x1 (event) is early by standard x2. See also lerci.
do sutra gi'o nai jai lerci
Hurry up, or you will be late.
za'a lo aftobuso cu jai lerci
Apparently the bus was late.