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li'i ze'ei ka
cmavo-compound abstractor: experience of being: x1 is x2's experience of being [bridi] (property of x2; with {ce'u} referring to x2's position) = li'imdu be lo ka. See li'i, ze'ei, {li'i ze'ei nu}
li'i ze'ei nu
cmavo-compound abstractor: experience of event: x1 is x2's experience of observing or participating in [bridi] (event) = li'imdu be lo nu. See li'i, ze'ei, {li'i ze'ei ka}
cmavo rafsi: liz abstractor: experience abstractor; x1 is x2's experience of [bridi] (participant or observer).
.ui li'i nanca cfari
Happy New Year!
.ui li'i ninyna'a
Happy New Year!
pei li'i salci
How did you like the party?
ma do li'i salci
How did you like the party?
lo pluka ko li'i djedi
Have a nice day.
lo pluka ko li'i sipna
Have a nice sleep!
.i lo kukte do jai li'i citka
Have a nice meal!
lo pluka ko li'i se senva
Have a pleasant dream (sweat dreams!) Bon appetite!
mi zmanei lo li'i pindi je panpi kei lo li'i ricfu je terpa
I'd rather live in peaceful poverty than in wealth and fear.
lo pluka ko li'i se citka i ma do li'i salci
How did you like the party?
experimental cmavo takes NU or LE NU, turns into sumtcita: clarifies the semantic NU-type of the current bridi. 'mi jai'i li'i klama lo zarci', 'jai'i li'i ku mi klama lo zarci', and 'mi klama lo zarci jai'i li'i' are all acceptable and equivalent. Implies '(zo'e) li'i mi klama lo zarci', but avoids wrapping the bridi in an abstraction that makes its sumti hard to access via le go'i etc. Tagged sumti, if present, fills the x2 of the NU; e.g. 'jai'i li'i do mi klama lo zarci' implies 'fe do li'i mi klama lo zarci'
.i le li'i clupa nu casnu bau roda ja'e node cu rinka
The experience of a looping discussion in all languages which results in nothing is the cause.
no datpre cu djuno lo du'u makau li'i ce'u du mi
No one else knows what it's like to be me.