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cmevla Lindar Kelleigh Greenwood First name Lojbanised. A member of the Lojban central community.
fu'ivla x1 measures x2 lindars in social context x3. The lindar is a measure of social inappropriatenes. One Lindar roughly equals the average social inappropriateness of lindar (a Lojban central community member). One centiLindar = Mentally laughing at something childish / lavatoriously humorous. Five centiLindars = Chuckling out loud at something when it isn't appropriate (i.e. "I'll be working under you for the duration of this project."). One Lindar = Doing something completely socially inappropriate. One and a half lds. = Being offensive enough to get in trouble and / or get reprimanded. Two lds. = Sufficient to get punched in the face on the spot. Three lds. = Sufficient to get stabbed. Four lds. = Sufficient to be a target of assassination.