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gismu rafsi: li'o x1 is light in mass/weight by standard x2. (cf. junta, tilju; se xalbo, kandi for metaphor)
le mlatu verba cu linto
The kitten is lightweight.
lo cidro cu linto traji se ratni
Hydrogen is the lightest element.
fu'ivla x1 drizzles to/on x2 from x3 See also carvi, linto, bratuca.
gismu x1 uses levity/is non-serious/frivolous about x2 (abstraction). See also junri, linto.
gismu x1 is the weight of object x2 in [gravitational or other force] field x3. See also grake, linto, tilju, bunda.
gismu rafsi: tij x1 is heavy/weighty in mass/weight by standard x2. (cf. linto; carmi, se junri for metaphor, bunda, junta)
gismu rafsi: kad x1 is dim/dull/pale/non-intense in property x2 (ka) as received/measured by observer x3. In colors, indicates unsaturated, pastel, pale (though blabi can also indicate a kind of paleness). See also blabi, carmi, klina, linto, manku, murse, ruble, skari, milxe, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, grusi, narju, nukni, pelxu, xekri, xunre, zirpu.