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lo verba cu vikmi lo pinca lo xadni lo nakpinji
The child excretes the urine from the body via the penis.
galfi lo ladru lo matne
Milk is made into butter.
zbasu lo cirla lo ladru
Cheese is made from milk.
lo patfu je lo bruna
Father and brother.
ma pluta lo lo vijytcana
How do I get to the airport?
korbi lo dotygu'e lo fasygu'e
Germany shares a border with France.
lo korbi be lo boske
The edge of a forest.
zbasu lo cirla lo ladru
Cheese is made from milk.
lo kagni be lo jbopre bei lo nu kakpa lo ctile pu tolcri lo ctile lo loldi be lo xamsi
The Lojbanists' chartered oil drilling company discovered oil at the bed of the sea.
lujvo d1 is d2 (default 1) tablespoon(s)/tablespoonful(s) [volume-unit], standard d3=m1 (default 1=15 mL),d4 dessertspoon(s),d5 teaspoon(s), d6 one ml measuring spoon(s). x3 could be a particular spoon. x3 could also be for example the Australian standard (={lo sralo}; 20 mL) or the unofficial unit of the Apothecaries' system of measures in the 18th century, equal to 4 drams or 1/2 fluid oz. It was more commonly known by the Latin cochleare majus (abbreviated cochl. maj.) or, in Apothecaries' notation, f℥ss or f℥ß.
tai lo nu lo cinfo cu nolraitru lo danlu kei lo .atkuila cu nolraitru lo cipni
As the lion is king of beasts, so is the eagle king of birds.
lo gunka pu benji lo sinxa lo drata gunka lo galtu lo sance
A worker sent a sound signal to another worker from the above.
lo kagni cu binra lo se esporte lo xrani lo ka pleji lo jdini
The company insures the sportsman against injuries by paying money as an insurance.
mi cirko lo ka kakne lo ka sazri lo xirma vau lo ka xabju lo tcadu
I lost my ability to ride a horse while living in the city.
lo carvi pu fanta lo nu lo fagri cu preja lo boske lo foldi
The rain kept the fire from spreading to the forest from the field.
ti rirxe lo sudga tumla lo vifne poi flu'ente lo xamsi lo cmana krasi lo condi
This is a river in a dry land running its fresh waters in a deep river bed towards the sea from springheads in the mountains.