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ti cmima lo klesi be lo notci bei lo drata
This is another type of message.
lo ka citka lo insekto cu kulnu so'e lo remna
Eating insects is the culture of most of humans.
lo lastu cu mixre lo tunka joi lo zinki
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
lo dilnu cu letri lo ka cupra lo lindi
The cloud are electric in that they produce lightning.
lo rokci cu magneti lo ka snipa lo jinme
The stone is magnetic in that it sticks to metal.
lo vi nanba cu marji lo mraji lo bliku
This bread is made of rye and has the form of a block.
ti minji lo nu cpacu lo djacu vau lo xance
This is a hand-controlled apparatus for getting water.
ti narge lo kokso lo rotsu lo kukte
This is a coconut with a thick shell and a tasty kernel.
ti pambe lo vacri lo xislu lo bartu
This is a pump for filling up the air into the wheels from the outside.
lo pezli be lo tricu co'a pelxu ca lo critu
Leaves of tress become yellow in the autumn.
mi nelci lo sanso be lo nudle bei lo tamca
I like tomato sauce in noodles.
ti senta lo spati lo cmana ce lo vacri
This is a layer of plants between the mountain and the air.
lo dargu cu sirji lo snanu ce lo berti
The road goes straight from the south to the north.
lo molki cu spofu lo ka cupra lo purmo
The mill is broken and is not producing the flour.
mi pu sputu lo tcati lo kabri lo jubme
I spit some tea from the cup onto the table.
lo cribe cu cpare lo stani be lo clani tricu
The bear climbs up a trunk of a high tree.