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cmavo-compound event descriptor: contraction of {lo nu} and identical in meaning. Added because beginners often search for lonu without realizing that it is the same as lo nu and getting confused.
experimental cmavo grammatically converts LAhE to SE; semantically the result tags the x1 of the selbri as being LAhE the supplied x1. Can be converted to other than x1 with SE. Cf. jai in the TAG sense. Note that jai in the non-TAG sense is the same as jai'a tu'a. Example usage: lo tadni cu jai'a lu'o sruri lo dinju gi'e krixa <-> loi tadni cu sruri lo dinju gi'e jai'a lu'a krixa <-> loi tadni cu sruri lo dinju .ije lu'a lo go'i cu krixa
fu'ivla x1 is the sensation/qualia (abstract) associated with objects with property x2 (ka), via sense x3 (ka), as sensed by x4 lo ganseti be lo ka (ce'u) xunre = "the color red", lo ganseti be lo ka (ce'u) sudga = "the sensation/feeling of dryness". x3 is the involved sense, e.g. lo ka viska for sight; this can often be left unspecified. Proposed NU: ga'ei, with rafsi -gel- . See ganse, li'i, li'imdu, gansetifri
experimental cmavo non-distributivity tag: as a mass equivalent to fi'o gunma. gu'au je fa lo tadni cu sruri lo dinju is the same as loi tadni cu sruri lo dinju.
fu'ivla x1 is a quark with flavor x2 Proposed names for "flavors": up (=lo zai'e gapru), down (=lo zai'e cnita), strange (=lo zai'e cizra), charm (=lo zai'e melbi), top (=lo zai'e galtu), bottom (=lo zai'e dizlo). Antiquark (= tolku'arka/dutyku'arka), virtual/sea quark (= zasyku'arka)
fu'ivla x1 is a quantity of café au lait [coffee beverage] of composition/type x2. Original café au lait (x2=lo fraso), European variants (x2=lo ropno), American variants (x2=lo bemro), New Orleans variant (x2=la {nu,orlins}). For non-cultural specific usage: coffee with hot milk (=glaladyckafi).
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''lht'' (Lo-Toga). See also bangu
lujvo m1 is a bike/bicycle/tricycle/pedal vehicle carrying m2 in/on surface/medium m3, propelled by force m4 transmitted via pedal(s) c1=v1. Also include hydrocycle (=jaurcarvrama'e or x3= "lo djacu"), handcycle (x4= "lo xance"), electric bicycle (= "lo carvrama'e be fo si'u lo dicymatra"; not to be confused with motorcycles), cycles with different numbers of wheels and different numbers of riders, etc.
fu'ivla x1 exists/is real in universe-of-discourse x2 Proposed alternate definition of zasti. See munje, enfasnu, li'i'e. x2 can be lo fatci, or a system, real or imagined, including a "story universe"; thus, e.g. unicorns (probably) don't exist with x2=lo fatci, but they'd exist in the stories where they exist.
lujvo x1 is in heat/estrus/musth; x1 is horny/randy. zoi gy. musth .gy steci lo xanto
experimental cmavo attitudinal modifier: supposed emotion - factual emotion Used for emotions that are non-factual, for example when talking about hypothetical events. la'a ui dai'i mi ba te dunda lo karce lo mi patfu I will probably be given a car by my dad and I would feel happy about it if that happened.
fu'ivla d1 (individual, mass) bugg dances to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2. Bugg is a common dance style in Sweden and is very popular on the dancefloors, when dansbands play. Dansband (=lo se dansrbuga zgibe'e). Dansband music (=lo se dansrbuga zgike).
experimental gismu x1 is a gloss (brief explanatory note or translation) of x2 (text) See also lo ve ciksi, uenzi, traduki
experimental cmavo relative clause prenex: assigns a variable to the object of the relative clause Works like ce'ai, but binds to ke'a rather than ce'u. lo broda poi ko'a ke'au brode ko'a = lo broda poi ke'a goi ko'a zo'u brode ko'a
lujvo c1 sculpts/carves c2=l1 from s2 using tool s1 implied c3 is "lo nu jai gau sraku s2 fai s1" implied l2 would likewise be "lo si'o nu jai gau sraku s2 fai s1"
experimental cmavo pronoun: the referent of the last utterance Equivalent to la'edi'u or lo su'u go'i; compounds considered common enough in usage statistics to deserve a shortening.