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experimental cmavo Description clause: create a sumti from the enclosed bridi, describing the referent of the created sumti as filling the bridi place filled with {ke'a}. Notes: Full-bridi equivalent of lo. Terminator: ku'au.
fu'ivla x1 is the exhaustive and exclusive plural of all the things that have property x2 See also lo, steci, ckaji
lujvo x1 is a song (lyrics, melody etc.as a whole) As opposed to "lo se sanga" "salsagymei" explicitly describes all the components composing a song
fu'ivla x1 is a file consisting of information x2 with attributes/type/size x3. The example “sfaile fi lo pixra” translates to “image file”. The example “sfaile lo lisri ty xy ty translates to “file of type ‘txt’” or “text file”.
si'o ze'ei ka
cmavo-compound abstractor: x1 is x2's concept of the property [bridi] = sidbo be lo ka. See si'o, ze'ei
si'o ze'ei nu
cmavo-compound abstractor: x1 is x2's concept of the event [bridi] = sidbo be lo nu. See si'o, ze'ei
lujvo x1 dances to music x2, with choreography/pattern x3 lo burgalu is an example of a possible x3. See dansytai.
fu'ivla x1 is the URL/address of web page/resource/file x2. Very similar to "judri fi lo uebre se .u lo kibro".
lujvo d5 is d2 (default 1) teaspoon(s)/teaspoonful(s)/cochleare minus (t., ts., tsp. or tspn./cochl. min.)[volume-unit], standard d3=m1 (default 1 teaspoon=5 mL),d4 dessertspoon(s),d1 tablespoon(s), d6 one ml measuring spoon(s). See also: tablespoon (=mucydekpu). (One) Rounded teaspoon (=lo mucyveldekpu li ji'i ni'u), one heaped teaspoon (=lo derxi mucydekpu li pa), one level teaspoon (=lo mucyveldekpu li ji'inai).
fu'ivla d1 (individual, mass) is breaking/b-boying/b-girling/breakdances to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2. B-boy/b-girl (=lo nanmu/ninmu dansrbreiki)
fu'ivla x1=d1 dances waltz with x2 to accompaniment/music/rhythm x3=d2. Viennese Waltz (=lo nu me la vin. dansrvalze).
experimental cmavo tense interval modifier: decreasingly...; decrementative. Tagged sumti, if present, indicates amount of decrease (lo te jdika) See jdika. Opposite of zei'a.
fu'ivla x1 gives x2 (number) votes (upvotes) to x3 Positive number in x2 denotes an upvote, negative number a downvote. Use ca'onai dudvota for 'to cancel vote', lo sumji be lo se dudvota for 'vote score'. Voting system can be specified using va'o or ma'i. See also dunda, cuxna, zanru
experimental cmavo afterthought abstraction wrapper Accepts 'gi'ei LE NU', 'gi'ei NU' (elided LE defaults to lo), or 'gi'ei LOhOI'. Wraps the bridi before it within an abstraction. e.g. 'mi klama le zarci gi'ei-le-nu cabna lo nu do klama' = 'le nu mi klama le zarci cu cabna lo nu do klama'. Also see xoi, jai'i. Grammar note: The gi'ei-group acts like a specialized vau, grabbing a single bridi. If you are in a sub-bridi of the bridi you wish to convert, you need to close the sub-bridi with vau, or use i'au to return to the top bridi of the sentence.
lujvo le1=lo1 (la'e zo BY/word-bu) is a letter/digit/symbol of Lojban’s alphabet representing le3 See also lerfu.
lujvo sin1 signals whether sin3=sis1 should stop; sin1 is a traffic light also pedestrian signal (jezystisni lo cadzu)