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mi ralte lo mlatu e lo gerku
I keep a cat and a dog.
ti molki lo ka zalvi lo gurni
This is a mill grinding grain.
lo cmaci cu saske lo mucti
Mathematics studies immaterial things.
lo dilnu cu murta lo tsani
Clouds are curtains of the sky.
ma stuzi lo muzga be lo arte
Where is the museum of art?
lo nalci be lo cipni cu spofu
The bird has its wing broken.
e'o lo blabi nanba e lo matne
White bread and butter, please!
lo risna cu pagbu lo xadni
Heart is a part of body.
ti palne lo palta ce lo kabri
This is a tray with plates and cups on it.
mi te panci lo najnimre lo flora
I can smell an orange smelling of flowers.
lo vi curnu cu parji lo xarju
This worm is a parasite in pigs.
lo pilka be lo plise cu cinla
The peel of the apple is thin.
gau lo betka ra pincivi lo xunre
Due to beetroots, he pissed red.
mi pinxe lo tcati lo kabri
I drink tea from the cup.
lo nanmu cu pritu lo dinju mi
The man is to the right of the house from my position.
lo cribe cu ragve lo rirxe mi
The bear is across the river from me.