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ti rango lo insekto lo ka tirna
This is an organ of insects performing the function of listening.
lo djacu pu ranji lo barda canlu
The water continuously covered a large space.
lo nobli pu zutse re'o lo jubme
The sir was sitting touching the wall.
pluka panci lo rozgu pe lo purdi
Roses in the garden have a pleasant scent.
lo se esporte pu sakli lo bisli
A sportsperson was gliding on the ice.
mi nelci lo salta be lo grute
I like fruit salads.
lo janbe pu se sance lo cladu
The bell had a loud sound.
ra pu sanli lo canre lo jamfu
He was standing on the sand on his feet.
lo sefta be lo najnimre cu xutla
The orange has a soft surface.
lo silka be lo ankabuta ka'e tsali
Spider's silk can be durable.
lo skuro be lo dertu cu ganra
The trench in the ground is wide.
lo ladru cu sutra lo ka slari
Milk turns sour fast.
lo mlatu mo'u kavbu lo smacu
A cat has caught a mouse.
mi smaka lo tasta be lo najnimre
I taste the taste of the orange.
lo boske cu culno lo smani
The forest is full of monkeys.
lo ka srera pu snuti lo lanli
The error happened accidentally on the part of the researcher.