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.i se ki'u nai bo mi jai bandu le nobli ke lojbo bangu lo vlatai zekri
Regardless of that reason, I defend the noble Lojban language against word-shape crimes.
lo'e jbonei cu mo ca'i do
As an authority on such things, how can you describe the typical Lojban-enthusiast?
lo tance be mi mi bradi lo nu mi troci lo ka pilno le tance lo ka bacru lo lojbo valsi
My tongue is my enemy when I'm trying to use it to utter Lojban words.
mi pu fanva lu coi ui li'u lo glico lo lojbo zoi gy. yay, hello! .gy.
I translated "coi ui" to English from Lojban as "Yay, hello!"
experimental cmavo digit/number: Conway's look-and-say constant λ ≈ 1.303577269… Especially important for Lojban. Assumes decimal counting(?); therefore, not entirely culturally neutral or mathematically important, but it makes sense in the context of typical Lojban.
experimental cmavo single-word non-Lojban name; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited by pauses and treats it as a name See also la'o, zo'oi.
experimental cmavo quotes a single non-meaning name in lojban (Must be lojban text and sounds) delimited by pauses Similar to la'ai but used for single-word names.
cmevla Jacob With French pronunciation /ʒa.kɔb/, where /ɔ/ is changed to its Lojban approximation /o/
fu'ivla x1 is a monster Probably, the only word borrowed from toki pona to Lojban
cmavo quote next word only; quotes a single Lojban word (not a cmavo compound or tanru).
zoi .mifr.cni rni dn.mifr. mifra lu coi ro do li'u lo ka zo o pe ce'u se basti zo n pe ce'u
cni rni dn is an encoded Lojban phrase "coi ro do" where "n" is a replacement for "o".
cmevla x1 is Taurus [constellation/astrological sign]. From bakni (=cow/cattle/kine/ox/[bull/steer/calf]; lojban); Taurus (=bull, bullock, steer; latin).
lujvo g1 is Lojban grammar for structure/text g2. Cf. glige'a.
lujvo x1 talks/speaks in Lojban to x2 about subject x3
lujvo l1=v1 is a child who is a native speaker of Lojban.
cmavo start questionable/out-of-context quote; text should be Lojban words, but needn't be grammatical. Terminated by le'u.