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lujvo x1 is an eraser word This corresponds to selma'o SI, SA and SU in Lojban.
.i mi pu za lo nanca be li pa .a re cu dikni .irci zo'ei dei .i je ku'i mi ze'u na lojbo zukte
I was a regular in the channel a year or two ago, but have been away from Lojban for a while now.
experimental cmavo shift letterals to Lojban alphabet What a "Lojban alphabet" constitutes is determined by culture/context. This shift returns letterals to their contextless default/natural form. (Part of a proposal to restrict definition of lo'a to strictly the Latin script.)
lujvo b1 is the loglan/Loglan/logic language used by community b2 to express ideas b3. Cf. bangu, runbau, lojbo, lojban
experimental cmavo non-Lojban brivla Quick way to borrow foreign words into Lojban. Also known as "stage-0 fu'ivla". Equivalent to me'au la'e zo'oi. See mu'oi.
lujvo l1 is an implicit-abstraction lujvo with meaning l2 and arguments l3 built from metaphor [tanru] l4. The term “implicit-abstraction lujvo” is specific to Lojban and originates from The Lojban Reference Grammar, chapter 12, section 13.
lujvo v1 is a fu'ivla-form word meaning v2 (in Lojban); v1 is morphologically a fu'ivla. Generalization of fu'ivla to include non-borrowings; specialization of fu'ivla to exclude non-Lojban words.
experimental cmavo quote next non-Lojban word only; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited by pauses (in speech) or whitespace (in writing) See also zo, zoi, la'oi.
lujvo x1 is a defined Lojban word, considered as a word as per Lojban's grammar, with meaning/role x2 In Lojban, particles such as "lo", "ku" etc. are considered to be words, whereas they may not be considered so according to other standards (for example, as "lo" and "ku" cannot appear in isolation, they are arguably closer to clitics than independent words). See also jbokravla (native Lojban word) and valsi.
lujvo x1 is a cmevla meaning x2 in Lojban, which looks like a lujvo but ends with a non-terminal rafsi Examples include lojban, mergug, camgusmis. Officially, of course, these are just cmevla but the rafsi are often suggestive of the meaning. See also cmevla, lujvo.
lujvo c1 is a question asking for a predicate, asked by c3 to c4. In Lojban, this is a question using the word “mo”.
cmevla x1 is Leo [constellation/astrological sign]. From cinfo (=lion; lojban); leo (=lion; latin). Many civilizations over thousands of years have portrayed the constellation of Leo as a lion.
lujvo l1=b1 is Lojban used by b2 to express/communicate b3 (si'o/du'u, not quote).
lujvo x1 is an expert in Lojban language. See jbopre, jbobau, lojbo, certu
lujvo l1 is Jbofihe. A computer program that parses Lojban text. Cf. lojbo, finpe, genturfa'i.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 reflects/pertains to a Lojban-Ithkuil hybrid culture/language in aspect x2 See also: lojbo, itkuile