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le mamta za krixa lu doi mulis. pu'o vacysai doi mulis. uanai li'u
A while later, his mother called, "Mooli, time for dinner... Mooli?"
lu mi dunda ti do li'u bridi lo ka dunda vau mi ce'o ti ce'o do
"I give this to you" is a clause with the main verb "give" and sequential places "I","this","you".
lu mi prami do li'u bridi lo ka ce'u prami ce'u vau mi ce'o do
"I love you" is a clause with the main verb "someone loves someone" and sequential places "I","you".
la'e lu la lunra cu kusru turni li'u cfika lo logji bangu
'The Moon is a harsh mistress' is a fiction about logical languages.
i ba bo mi pu cusku fi le ninmu fe lu do mutce xendo li'u
And then I said to the woman "You are very kind."
mi pu fanva lu coi ui li'u lo glico lo lojbo zoi gy. yay, hello! .gy.
I translated "coi ui" to English from Lojban as "Yay, hello!"
lu i lo mlatu ci pinxe li'u jufra lo danlu la lojban
"i lo mlatu cu pinxe" is a sentence about animals in Lojban language.
lu li vo du li re su'i re li'u mekso la lojban
"li vo du li resu'i re" is a mathematical expression in Lojban.
mi pu cusku fi lo jatna fe lu mi'a pu'o djuno li'u noi notci lo cipra
I made a statement to the boss about the experiment: "We don't know yet."
mi pu cusku lo preti noi du lu ma nuzba li'u
I asked a question, "What are the news?"
lo ka dunda vau selbri lu mi dunda ti do li'u mi ce'o ti ce'o do
"Give" is the main verb of the clause "I give this to you" that has sequential places "I","this","you".
lu le mamta pu'o tsuku le zdani li'u fi mi te sitna la alis
"Mother is not yet at home", I quoted Alice.
mi pu traduki lu coi ui li'u noi lojbo zoi gy.yay, hello!.gy. noi glico
I translated Lojban "coi ui" to English as "Yay, hello!"
lu coi ro do li'u se traduki fi zoi gy.hello, everyone!.gy. noi glico
"coi ro do" is translated to English as "Hello, everyone!"
lujvo x1 (quoted text) is a “bu letteral” of character x2 (zoi quote). This term is specific to Lojban. A “bu letteral” is defined as one word which has been made to a letteral with “bu”. x1 is a quote (eg. with luli'u) containing the “bu letteral” (including “bu”), x2 quotes the character which the “bu letteral” stands for verbatim, which requires to use a zoi quote. See also: lerfu.
experimental cmavo otherwise lojbanic name, ending in a vowel; multiple names delimited by pauses. Can be used to quote name(s) ending in consonants as well. See also lai'e of LAhE, la'au of LU and la'o of ZOI for naming cmavo.