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cmavo the symbol for (indirect discourse); uses the symbol/word(s) for a sumti as the desired sumti.
lo re cirkulo cu du lu'e lo logji
Two circles is a symbol of logic.
lo vi vorme janbe cu du lu'e mi
This doorbell is to call me.
.oi doi nolraitru ko sisti lo nu do smugau mi lu'e lo do nanla .i mi jbeseltei lo nanca be li cire
King, stop calling me your boy. I'm thirty-two, for God's sake!
lujvo x1=m2=c1 thinks/[mentally says to oneself] x2=c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept)
experimental cmavo turns number into pro-sumti: the abstraction described by the utterance denoted by that number and {mai} E.g. {mai'o pa} refers to the events or statements described earlier with pamai. Use lu'e to refer to the text. See goi'e, mai
lujvo x1 tells/expresses joke x2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) for audience x3 via expressive medium x4. Cf. zdilisri.
experimental cmavo assign sentence or tu'e...tu'u group to sumti Works like cei'e, but assigns the abstraction involving the associated sentence(s) to a sumti variable. E.g. (goi'e ko'a mi tavla do) assigns (lo su'u mi tavla do) to ko'a. Use lu'e on the assigned variable to refer to the text itself. See goi, cei
lujvo x1 is a sumti qualifier labelling sumti x2 with semantics x3. See also la'e, lu'e, tu'a, lu'a, lu'i, lu'o, vu'i; lu'u
lujvo b1=c1 (agent) eloquently speaks/verbally expresses x1=c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) for audience c3, good/beneficial/nice for x2 by standard x3.
lujvo c1 (agent) snaps c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) at audience c3 via expressive medium c4. Cf. bikla, cusku.
lujvo c1 (agent) starts to express/say c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) for audience c3 via expressive medium c4. Cf. co'a, cusku.
lujvo cu1=cp1 pleas/[expresses request] cu2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) to cu3=cp3 via expressive medium cu4. Cf. cpedu, cusku.
lujvo c1=s1 gives advice c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) to c3=s2 about doing/achieving/maintaining s3, on medium c4. Cf. sidju, cusku.
lujvo j1=c1 expresses/says opinion c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) about subject/issue j3 to audience c3 via expressive medium c4 on grounds j4. j2 is defined by x2=c2
lujvo c1=k1 shouts/cries out c2=k2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) to audience c3 via expressive medium c4 from krixa cusku