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lujvo x1=g3 is a flashlight/portable light source for illuminating g2, emitting light form x3=g1. Cf. selbeika'e, selbeifonxa, selbeiskami.
lujvo z1=x2 gives applause to plan/action z2 (object/event). Cf. xance, savru, zanru, ki'arzau.
lujvo x1 is a mouse cursor (graphical element) of user interface x2. Specifically refers to the graphical element, not the physical tool. From xance + uidje. See samxa'e, pevysmacu
lujvo p1 = x2 imagines / visualizes imaginary subject / concept p2 = x1. Not limited to visual imagination. Made from xanri + pensi; technically should be selxarpei, but I can't see "xanri pensi" having any other meaning.
lujvo d1 is a torpedo launched by d2. Cf. xamsi, danti, jbama, xasyjbama.
lujvo j1 is a crab/lobster/crayfish/shrimp/krill/[marine crustacean] of species j2. Cf. xamsi, jukni, cakyjukni, braxiura, nerfopi.
lujvo x1 moves (changes in residence) to x2 from x3 See xabju, ki'icne, zdani, muvdu
lujvo x1 is June/the sixth month of year x2 in calendar x3. Duration. For date, use masnxa. Cf. pavmasti, nanca.
lujvo c1=x1 is a quantity of black coffee/coffee [beverage] served without cream or milk or sugar. See also making coffee (=kafpra), espresso (=kafrspreso), coffee with dairy product (=ladyckafi).
lujvo c1 is a blackbird of species c2. Cf. xekri, cipni, cipnrkorvo, cipnrpika.
lujvo b2 (person/animal/plant) digests p2 with output p3 passing through stage p4. Cf. citka, tunlo, befru'e, djaruntygau, djaruntyrango.
lujvo x1=b1 is the Hindi language used by b2 to communicate b3 Cf. xindo, bangu, banxe'inu.
lujvo s1 is a salsa/salsa roja for use with s2, containing ingredient(s) including s3. The sauce is used as a condiment in Mexican and Southwestern (U.S.) cuisines; usually includes cooked tomatoes, chili peppers, onion, garlic, and fresh coriander. Refers to "salsa roja", red sauce, or in English just "salsa".
lujvo k1 is a cattle herder/rancher/vaquero/cowboy/cowgirl/buckaroo/paniolo/gaucho/stockman/ringer/gardian herding/tending cattle k2=b1 on horse(s) x1. Use fu'ivla for more cultural specific usage, like cowboy (=kauvboi).
lujvo n1 is Easter celebrated by s1 with activities s3 from xriso cliva nu salci c.f. xisyjbenunsla
lujvo x1=m1=xr1 is a Christian (Catholic/Protestant/Anglican/etc.) church at location/serving area x2=m3 Doesn't distinguish the type of Christianity. cf. xriso and malsi