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lujvo cp1 orders food ci2 for cp2 from cp3 in manner/form cp4. Cf. cidja, gusta, barjyse'u, beipre, djabei, djabeipre.
lujvo p1 is the digestion of food p2=c2 with output p3 passing through stage p4 of person/animal/plant c1. Cf. ctiru'egau, befru'e, djarunta, djaruntygau, djaruntyrango, xelbefru'e.
lujvo g1 digests food p2=c2 with output p3 passing through stage p4 of person/animal/plant c1. Cf. ctiru'e, befru'e, djarunta, djaruntygau, djaruntyrango, xelbefru'e.
lujvo ci1 is an education system interrelated by administrative policies ci2 among institutions ci3=ct1 displaying quality ci4. Cf. ctuca, cilre, tadni, ckule, balcu'e, ma'urcu'e.
lujvo cu1=ct1 is a textbook for teaching ideas/methods ct3 (du'u), by author cu3 for audience cu4=ct2 about subject(s) ct4 by method ct5, preserved in medium cu5. Cf. clinoi, ckule.
lujvo f1 is a lesson by c1 for teaching audience c2 ideas/methods/lore c3 (du'u) about subject(s) c4 by method c5 (event). *naljvajvo warning! Please use nunctu instead* Cf. ckule, balcu'e, ctucku.
lujvo cm1=cu1 is a member of electorate cm2, which votes/selects cu2 [choice] from set/sequence of alternatives cu3. Gismu deep structure is "cuxna gi'e cmima"; Cf. turni, cmicu'a, gubycu'a, jecta.
lujvo v4=m1=c1 is a computer disk/hard disk/floppy disk storing v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event) in file(s) v1. Cf. vreji, datni, skami, makyvelvei, srimakyvelvei, cukmirvelvei.
lujvo v4=m1=c1 is a compact disc/optical disc storing v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event) in file(s) v1. Cf. vreji, datni, skami, cukmakyvelvei, cukyku'ovelvei, srimakyvelvei.
lujvo n1 is a sales lead/opportunity for v1 to sell v2 to v3 for amount v4. Cf. cumki, nu, vecnu, vencu'u, velventerzu'e.
lujvo x1=k1 is a spokesperson of/speaks on behalf of x2=k2=c1, saying x3=c2 to x4=c3 via expressive medium x5=c4. cf. cusku, krati, cmavo list ka'i
lujvo s1=j1=c1 is bacteriology of bacteria s2 based on methodology s3. Bacteriology is the study of bacteria. Because of the similarity of thinking and working with microorganisms other than bacteria, there has been a tendency for the field of bacteriology to extend as microbiology (=jumske). Bacteriology can be classified as a distinct science.
lujvo c1 (mass normally, but 1 individual/jo'u possible) argues/quarrels about topic/subject c2=d3 with opponent x3=d2. Cf. darlu, casnu, dausnu, da'arsi'u, simda'a.
lujvo x1=d1 is a dagger / knife weapon for use against x2=d2 by x3 with blade of material d3. Cf. dakfu, xarci, cladakyxa'i, damba, catra, zekri.
lujvo c1 is a ranch at c2, of rancher c3 raising animals c4=d1. Cf. danlu, cange, jipci, bakni, xarju, ladru, sovda.
lujvo t1 is a telescope for seeing v2=d1 which is far from d2. Cf. darno, viska, vistci, darctatci, cmactatci, le'otci, barkalyle'o.