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lujvo x1 [word/text] is a noun (a word referencing a thing (generic sense) and syntactically functioning as such) with meaning/referent x2 in language x3 Nounness is an inherent property of the single word or phrase coupled with its meaning (although other such properties may exist for the word/phrase alone); it is not merely a role being assumed: the word with that meaning always is a noun in the language.
lujvo s1=d2=l2 is a conservative in beliefs l3 against opposition s3 by means s4 From dzena, lijda, sarji. Cf. vricykricru, dzejdasratrusi'o.
lujvo x1 is reality / "the real world" ("this" world, the world the speaker and [presumably] listener reside in), containing/defining x2 (objects and facts) defined by rules x3 See fatci (= jetnu lo facmu'e), facyza'i, facfau, munje, mu'ai
lujvo x1 is a factbook, containing work x2 by author x3 for audience x4 preserved in medium x5 Use of this word does not assert anything about the veracity/factuality of the work (one may have a "factbook" about a fictional country, for example). See fatci, cukta, ensiklopedi
lujvo p1=f1 is/are the profit/dividends shared/distributed from the earnings of company/corporation/firm p2 among f2 with shares/portions f3. Cf. fatri, prali, ra'erprali, posyselfai, dejyterze'a.
lujvo c1 (agent) concludes by expressing/saying c2=f1 for/to audience c3 via expressive medium c4 concluding f2. From fanmo, cusku. Cf. mulno, lojycpa, ni'i, ja'o.
lujvo t1=d1=f1 is a windsurfingboard of material/property t2. From tanbo, djacu, falnu (f2, f3 subsumed). See also sufingboard (=bonjacta'o), kitesurfingboard (=volfanjacta'o), wakesurfingboard (=blobonjacta'o).
lujvo p1 is an industrial park managed by community/polity/company p2 for factories/plants producing f2. Cf. fanri, panka, zacpanka, zdipanka, gubypanka, kagnypanka.
lujvo j1 shows the direction of f2 (object/event) to audience j3, that direction being f1 f3 defaults to the x1, in other words the direction (i.e. x4) is relative to the x1 place. Cf. farsni, degja'o.
lujvo cu1=cf1 is a fictional book about plot/theme/subject cf1 by author cu3=cf3 for audience cu4 preserved in medium cu5. Cf. lisycku, ctucku, tadycku, ckusro, cesysku.
lujvo g2=f1 is apparent to g1 via perceptual/cognitive faculty g3. x3 includes reason or critical thinking skills as well as discrete biological organs such as eyes or ears. Cf. frili, sapselga'e, sampu, klina.
lujvo s1 is easily understood/interpreted as the meaning of s2 by (agent) s3=f2 under conditions f3. From frili+smuni. The x1 of frili is subsumed into the overall sense of the word. See also: filseljmi, klina.
lujvo c1=f3 [lacks law]/[is lawless with regard to] law(s) f1 specifying f2 (state/event) under conditions f4 by lawgiver(s) f5; c1=f3 is lawless. Cf. flalu, claxu.
lujvo x1 (agent) causes x2 (event) to modify/alter/change/transform/convert x3 into x4 This is a jvajvo: galfi zei gasnu. Included in the dictionary because it's referenced in the notes for galfi.
lujvo m1 rises to m2=g1 from origin m3=g3 via path m4. Cf. muvdu, galtu, klama, gapru, sa'irbi'o, tolfa'u.
lujvo f1=g1 is a/the pharynx [body-part] of g2. Similar to pharanx (gr. cleft, chasm). Nasopharynx (=zbigalxyfe'a), oropharynx (=molgalxyfe'a), laryngopharynx/hypopharynx (=galxyferni'a). See also moldruji'o, galxe and fenra.