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lujvo x1=p1 is a tattoo/body art/brand/[image on the body] depicting x2=p2 on animal/body part x3=s2 made by artist x4=p3 Cf. skapi, pixra.
lujvo x1=k1=c1 is a key card unlocking lock x2=c2 by property/card type x3=c3 Various types of cards include mechanical holes, bar code, magnetic stripe (maksriveikarda), Wiegand wire, microchip and RFID. Cf. maksrikardymi'i.
lujvo x1=d1=k1 wants to play with plaything x2=d2=k2 for purpose x3=d3. cf. kelci, djica, zdile, xajmi, pluka, zukte.
lujvo x1=s1 (mass of facts) is oncology of focus x2=s2 based on methodology x3=s3 Cf. kensle, kenri'a, feprykenra, micyske, selkenra, kenra, saske.
lujvo x1=f1 is extraterrestrial/alien, from/associated with celestial body/region x2=k2 From kensa fange. kesfange dacti: extraterrestrial object, kesfange jmive: extraterrestial life, kesfange prenu: extraterrestial person/sapient being
lujvo p1=k1 is a tunnel through obstacle k2, that stretches from p2 to p3 and goes through points p4 (set) kevna pluta -- Discussed on the IRC on March 31st, 2014, around 21:00 GMT
lujvo k1=g1=b1 is the Pakistani English language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 (si'o/du'u, not quote). Cf. kisto, glico, bangu, glibau, bangenugu, kisybau
lujvo x1=k1=m1 arrives at x2=k2 from x3=k3 by route x4=k4 with transportation means x5=k5 by completion standard x6=m3 cf. klama, mulno.
lujvo x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of a clear/transparent carbonated beverage/soda of sweet flavor, of brand x2. Not any carbonated beverage, but one which is transparent and with sweet flavor, like Sprite (=sprait), 7-up, Sockerdricka (=a soft drink that is consumed in Sweden) or similar. Another flavor may be added and expressed as a tanru, as long as the combination doesn't differ too much from the characteristics of klisodva.
konceto zei pagbu
zei-lujvo p1 is a movement of concerto for solo instruments k2, number k3 in key k4 composed by k5. Cf. konceto, pagbu, zgike, nolzgi, simfoni.
lujvo s1=k1 bows/takes a bow on surface s2 supported by limbs/supports s3. Cf. korcu, sanli, krorinsa, sa'orgau, dzibi'o, demtse.
lujvo b1=k1 is a regular polyhedron [3-dimensional] consisting of material b2 with surfaces/sides b3=k3. b3=k3 sides/surfaces should include number, size, and shape. See also: blikubli, bliku, kubli.
lujvo x1=ka1 (agent) mines material/ore x2=ku1=ka2 of type x3=ku2 from mine/source x4=ku3=ka3 using tool x5=ka4. Used in Theodore Reed's translation of A Princess of Mars.
lujvo x1 is the empty character string May be understood as 'me'o lo'o'. See also kunti, lerpoi, kutpoi, kutysetmima, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o.
lujvo x1 is the empty utterance/text lo kutyuenzi = {lu li'u}. See also kunti, uenzi, kutpoi, kutysetmima, kutlerpoi, kutydza, zai'o
lujvo x1=c1 is a quantity of coffee [beverage] with dairy [or similar] product/of type/composition x2=l2. See also: black coffee (=xekckafi), light/white coffee [with cold dairy product] (=lekladryckafi), café au lait/latte [drink with heated dairy product] (=glaladyckafi), drinking chocolate (=caklyladru).