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lujvo m1=n1 is m2=n2 nanometer(s) / billionth(s) of a meter [metric unit] in length (default 1) measured in direction m3=n3 by standard x4=m3. See also centre. Made from nanvi + mitre.
lujvo n1 is most fond of n2=t1 (object/state) from set t4, due to extreme t3 (ka; default ka zmadu). Cf. nelci, traji, plicu'a. Also: n1 likes/prefers n2=t1 the most out of set t4.
lujvo x1 is a submarine for carrying x2, propelled by x3. Cf. cnita, bloti, beiblo, preblo, jamblo, bratcejamblo, brajamblo, cmajamblo, badjamblo, vijblo.
lujvo x1=n1 (idea/fact/du'u) suggests/intimates that x2=n2=s2 (idea/fact/du'u) is true as it appears to x3=s3 From nibli stidi. Unlike stidi, it refers to person's internal logical reasoning about facts, not external suggestion.
lujvo x1 (sequence) is a sorted sequence, ordered by relation x2 (binary ka), from unordered set/plurality x3 Same place structure as porsi, but specifies that the sequence has been sorted according to some rule. See cnici, porganzu, pormei, pormoi
lujvo n1 is a number of points / score / indication of an attempt to win a competition won by j1 over opponent(s) j3 in competition j4, points measured on scale n2. n2 moved to the end due to apparent uselessness. Made from ni and jinga.
lujvo x1=p1 recycles x2=p2=f1=c2 for new purpose x3=p3=c3 from original use x4=f2, purpose new by standard x5=c4.
lujvo k1=j1=c1 dives to destination k2 from origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5 in liquid j2 beneath/under/down from c2 (object/water surface) in frame of reference c3.
lujvo k1 is a courtier to sovereign/aristocrat/noble k2 in culture/country n2=k3. Cf. nobli, kansa, nolse'u, nolraitru, noltronau, noltruni'u, balnoltru.
lujvo s1 is a servant of sovereign/aristocrat/noble s2=n1 in culture/country n2 with responsibilities s3. Cf. nobli, selfu, nolkansa, nolraitru, balnoltru.
lujvo ni1=j1=no1 is a Duke/Baron/Count/Earl/Marquess/ [titled noble of middle rank] ruling j2 under culture/standard no2. Cf. nobli, jitro, nanmu, noltroni'u, noltruni'u, nolraitru, balnoltru.
lujvo ni1=j1=no1 is a Duchess/Baroness/Countess/Marchioness/ [titled noble of middle rank] ruling j2 under culture/standard no2.. Cf. nobli, jitro, ninmu, noltronau, noltruni'u, nolraitru, balnoltru.
lujvo z1=n1 the classical music performed at/by z2 (event) originating in culture n1. Cf. nobli, zgike, dzeklu, ronri'izgi, naizgi, sopselneizgi, dja'aza, te'ekno.
lujvo c2 disbelieves in god/deity c1 with dominion over c3; c2 is an atheist. Cf. cevni, ceikri, nalceikri, selcei, pavyselcei, sorselcei, ceirsenpi.
lujvo x1 is a singularity of function/object x2 of type/with properties x3; x2 has a singularity of type/severity x3 at (locus) x1 x3 can be used in order to specify cosmetic/removable singularity, pole (and the degree/severity thereof), and essential singularity; none of these aforementioned options are a default. x1 may be at infinity or in various other spaces.
lujvo x1 is liminally/neutrally x2 (ka); x1 is between the state of x2 and the state of the inverse of x2 (ko'a norkai lo ka broda) = (ko'a no'e broda). Also see nutli, tolkai