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lujvo x1=t1 is genital/crotch area underwear, serving purpose x2=t3 Gender/sex agnostic/non-defined/ambiguous genital/crotch-covering type of underwear (see fetpibyta'u/nakpibyta'u for female/male specific wear). Cf. nerta'u, taxfrbikini, tatyta'u.
lujvo d1 is in the same row(s) as d2, row(s) pa1=pi1 is a part of whole/mass pa2 in frame of reference pi2. x3 could be a table/chart, but also some other object. See also: same column (=rajypaudu'i).
pipnrpiano zei konceto
obsolete zei-lujvo x1 is piano concerto number x2 in key x3 composed by x4 performed by/at x5( event). Cf. zgike, nolzgi, {konceto zei pagbu}, konceto, pipnrpiano, {jgitrviolino zei konceto}, simfoni, zgifi'i.
lujvo f1=p3 paints picture f2=p1 in style/art form l1 representing/showing p2=f4 on medium p4 from pixra larcu finti c.f. cintypu'i
lujvo j1=p2 is a policy by p1 policy maker regarding j3 subject of policy, j1 is political Made out of platu, javni. Politics as an activity may be "nu plajva" and political science may be "plajva saske"
lujvo c1 is the user-name/pseudonym/pen-name of c2=p1 for use with/by resource c3=p2 for purpose p3. Cf. pilno, cmene, cmisau, cmeveigau, japyvla.
lujvo v1 is a log/record of data v2 (nu/du'u) about v3=p1's use of resource p2 for purpose p3 recorded in medium v4. Cf. pilno, vreji, cmisau, cmeveigau.
lujvo x1=p1=d1 wants to own/possess/have x2=p2 for purpose x3=d3, wanting to own/possess/have it by right/custom/law x4=p3. d2 is the abstraction of x1 having x2.
lujvo f3 is a/are share/shares distributed among f2=p1, issued by company/corporation/firm f1=p2 under law p3. Cf. ponse, fatri, posfai, posyselfai.
lujvo c2=p1 is the inheritance (legal property) for heir p2=c3, property according to law/custom p3, inherited from c1 according to law/custom c4. This definition means only the inheritance of legal property. For a more general definition, see cerda.
lujvo f2=p1 is a/are a/the shareholder(s) of company/corporation/firm f1=p2 with shares/portions f3 under law p3. From ponse, fatri. Cf. posfai, posterfai.
lujvo c1 (quoted word(s)) is a/the (proper) name identifying an individual person [not necessarily human] c2=p1 to/used-by namer/name-user c3 (person). Personal name usually today comprises a given name bestowed at birth or at a young age plus a surname, but may vary culturally. Naming convention (=cmene cacyjva). See also cmene and prenu.
lujvo x1=pi1 is a portrait of x2=pi2=pr1 (motif) by x3=pi3 (artist). vi'a prexra for portrait picture; vi'u prexra for statue. cf. prenu pixra
lujvo j1 is a human right for z1=p1 to do z2 (event/state). Cf. prenu, zifre, javni, zi'ejva, rarzi'ejva, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e.
lujvo x1 (event) causes déjà-vu to x2 (person) using sense x3 under conditions x4 jai prugastcica for object x1; pu ganse tcica; gastcica, narprugastcica
lujvo c1=l1=p1 is yesterday morning; c1=l1=p1 is the morning before p2=l2 at location c3. Syn. prulamdeicerni. Morning (=cerni), tomorrow morning (=bavlamcerni), this morning (=cabdeicerni).