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lujvo j2 costs j1 to agent j3 by standard j4. j1 is not necessarily money but also time, mental strength etc. Cf. jdima, pleji, vecnu, cpacu, prali.
lujvo x1 (event) results in x2 (event) Possibly synonymous to banzu. Proposed rafsi: -se'e- (for paralleling the other causal suffixes). See also jalge, rinka, krinu, banzu, nibli, mukti.
lujvo x1=c1 is a test/shibboleth for determining x2=k2=c3's membership/belonging to culture x3=k1=c2. cf. kulnu, cipra. Made by motivation of la bandu.
lujvo x1=j1 is an employment of / a job held by x2=j2=p2 who is employed by x3=p1 for purpose x4=p3. See also pilno, jibri.
lujvo x1=g1 [agent] does x2=g2=s2 to relax x3=s1; x1=g1 relaxes x3=s1 by doing x2=g2=s2 cf. surla, gasnu
lujvo x1 is the modifying part of binary metaphor x2 with modified part/modificand x3 giving meaning x4 in usage/instance x5 In both English and Lojban, the word seltau is the usual way to refer to the left word in a tanru, whereas tertau refers to the right word in the tanru.
lujvo b1=t2 is huge/enormous/tremendous in property b2 and feared by b3=t1. selte'a+barda. See also: brabra, caibra, tcebra, dukse, cimni, camganra.
lujvo j1=s2 is out of control/temper of/with regard to j3 (activity/event/performance). Cf. to'e, sevzi, jitro, se'itro, tolse'itro, fenki, fengu.
lujvo n1=s1 (agent) punishes n2=s2 [recipient] for atypical infraction n3=s3 (event/state/action) with punishment n4=s4. Notes: The main difference to sfasa is that the infraction must be atypical. See also malne'u, cnemu.
lujvo v1 is an idea-carrying virus / meme / self-propagating idea capable of infecting / currently infecting v3=s3 with idea / concept / belief / opinion s1 about thing / topic / subject s2. vidru place 2 is dropped due to redundancy with sidbo. Made of sidbo + vidru.
lujvo x1=l1=r1=s1 experiences sleep paralysis including x2=l2 (event/experience) I.e. becoming aware of muscle atonia (i.e. unability to move, speak or react) of falling asleep (hypnagogic) or awakening (hypnopompic). Often includes terrifying hallucinations (e.g. "night mare"). Cf. narslutroka'e, sajysne.
lujvo x1=c1=s1 responds to x2=s2 by expressing/saying x3=c2 to x4=c3 via expressive medium x5=c4. cf. cusku, spuda.
lujvo p1 is a mora [linguistics]/component of syllable p2=s1 in language s2. A syllable containing one mora is said to be monomoraic (=pavyslakypau); a syllable with two morae is said to be bimoraic (=relslakypau). Also, in rarer cases, a syllable with three morae is said to be trimoraic (=cibyslakypau).
lujvo c1 whispers c2=s1 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) to audience c3 via expressive medium c4, quietly by standard s3 Cf. smaba'u, lausku, laurba'u, mliba'u, laurblesku.
lujvo x1=t1=s1 acts like/similarly to x2=t2=s2 in property x3=s3 under conditions x4=t3. See also simsa, tarti.
lujvo x1=d1=s1 is semantically correct in situation/context x2=d3, having meaning x3=s1 according to interpreter x4=s3=d4. Cf. smuni, drani.