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lujvo v1 is a morphologically defined predicate word signifying relation b2 in language v3. Derived from bridi and valsi, deleting b3, as we are speaking of the relationship independent of particular arguments. In Lojban, such words must end in a vowel and contain a consonant cluster within the first five letters (not counting y). Not all words that can be used as a selbri (for instance members of GOhA) are brivla.
lujvo x1 (quoted text) is a “bu letteral” of character x2 (zoi quote). This term is specific to Lojban. A “bu letteral” is defined as one word which has been made to a letteral with “bu”. x1 is a quote (eg. with luli'u) containing the “bu letteral” (including “bu”), x2 quotes the character which the “bu letteral” stands for verbatim, which requires to use a zoi quote. See also: lerfu.
lujvo x1=ce1=ca1 is this morning; x1=ce1=ca1 is the morning occuring at the same time as day x2=ce2=d1 at location x3=ce3. Morning (=cerni), tomorrow morning (=bavlamcerni), yesterday morning (=prulamcerni).
lujvo n1=c1 is the night of c2 at location n3. cabycte is tonight, whether or not it is currently night yet. bavlamcte is tomorrow night, even if cabycte is still in the future. See also nicte, bavlamcte, prulamcte, cabdei.
lujvo x1 (number) is the minute/minute notation of the hour, of event/state x2, in system x3. cacra zei mentu zei tcika. As default, the number x1 is counted from the first minute of the hour. See ti'u'e for BAI. ex.) li cino cu cacryme'utcika lo nu mi ti xrukla kei py sy ty (I will be back at thirty minutes past the hour PST.)
lujvo b1=c1 is huge/enormous/colossal in property b2=c2 to observer b3=c3. Cf. carmi, barda, brabra, tcebra, selte'abra, dukse, cimni, camganra; antonym: cmacai.
lujvo x1=v1 is an authoritative document of x2=v2 (data/facts/du'u) about x3=v3 (object/event) preserved in medium x4=v4, by authority x5=c1 over matter/sphere/persons x6=c2 derived on basis x7=c3. Cf. ca'icru catni vreji.
lujvo g1=c1 is vast/very wide in (2nd most significant) dimension g2=c2 with observer g3=c3. Cf. carmi, ganra, brabra, caibra, tcebra, selte'abra, dukse, cimni.
lujvo m1 is a bike/bicycle/tricycle/pedal vehicle carrying m2 in/on surface/medium m3, propelled by force m4 transmitted via pedal(s) c1=v1. Also include hydrocycle (=jaurcarvrama'e or x3= "lo djacu"), handcycle (x4= "lo xance"), electric bicycle (= "lo carvrama'e be fo si'u lo dicymatra"; not to be confused with motorcycles), cycles with different numbers of wheels and different numbers of riders, etc.
lujvo x1=f1=c3 authors/creates book x2=c1 about/containing work x3=c2 for audience x4=c4 preserved in medium x5=c5 for purpose x6=f3 from elements/ideas/inspiration x7=f4. cf. cukta, finti.
lujvo x1=d1=c1 is a sword / long knife weapon for use against x2=d2 by x3 with blade of material d3 long by standard c3. May be shortened to cladaxi. Cf. clani, dakfu, xarci, baldakyxa'i.
lujvo xa1=ce1 is a small arm/gun for use against xa2 by xa3, launching small projectile ce2=cm1, defined as small arms by standard cm3, projectile propelled by ce3. The description is usually limited to revolvers, pistols, carbines, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles etc. In the United States any firearm having a bore diameter of .50 caliber or less is normally considered a "small arm."
lujvo t1 is a microscope used by t2=ca1 for looking at small things t2=ca2=cm1 which are small in property/dimension(s) cm2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm cm3. Cf. cmalu, catlu, tutci, le'otci, darvistci.
lujvo x1 (du'u) is an axiom/doctrine/creed/postulate about subject x2, foundational to system x3 x1 = krici_2 = jicmu_1, x2 = krici_3, x3 = jicmu_2. The system may be religious, philosophical, scientific, or mathematical. Refers to any proposition assumed as true without being proved within the system itself. See sruma
lujvo v4=g2=c1 is a compact disc/optical disc storing v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event) in file(s) v1. Cf. cukmirvelvei, vreji, datni, skami, cukmakyvelvei, cukyku'ovelvei, srimakyvelvei.
lujvo b1 is a french press/press pot/coffee press/coffee plunger/cafetière/сafetière à piston for filtrated liquid b2=j2 [default: coffee] with filter j1 prohibiting passage of solids j3=d2 pressed by force d1, container made of material b3 with lid b4. See also: making coffee (=kafpra), coffeemaker (=kafpraca'a), coffee (paper) filter (=kafpleju'e).